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Matthes Report: Thunder Valley

Off weekend for the crew here in America and thank the heavens for that. It’s been three straight weeks of outdoor nationals and we’ve had a great series so far. With Red Bull KTM’s Ryan Dungey hanging it up and Monster Energy Kawasaki’s Eli Tomac not exactly dominating the 450MX class like we all planned, it’s been cool to see five moto winners in six motos in each of the classes. The 250MX class is, as usual, topsy turvey and who knows what’s going to happen each week.

After Lakewood I spoke to a number of racers about their days and they told me a number of things. Let’s dive into some quotes from them of what they told me and what they actually meant.

Justin Bogle

What he said: “I changed everything about my life. Every single part. I’m living in a little apartment. I don’t even have a couch. I haven’t had a couch for a month. I have two lawn chairs in my living room. I’m raw dogging it right now. Just whatever I got to do. It’s been awesome. I’m having a good time down at the farm at Ricky’s [Carmichael’s]. It’s been very tough, but obviously it’s for the best.”

What he meant: “Dude, it sucks. I do nothing but just train and ride with Ricky’s mom. She’s a drill sergeant but hey, I won so I guess I’ll keep having no life.”

Broc Tickle

What he said: “8-8 for eighth is not terrible, but I definitely didn’t take advantage of the starts. I didn’t feel comfortable with the track. I wouldn’t say it was my bike. I think it was just me in general with hard-packed ruts.”

What he meant: “I know this is amazing but guess what, I’m not blaming my bike or ‘set-up’ or anything for my day. I just didn’t feel that good and 8-8 is decent.”


Alex Martin is undoubtedly a 250MX title contender.

KTM Images/Simon Cudby

Alex Martin

What he said: “I think the biggest thing today why we were so close is just because it was like 70 degrees. When it’s hot and it’s humid, people kind of string out and it’s like survival of the fittest. Some people, even if you’re in shape, they just don’t handle the heat better. Today we really didn’t have that. I don’t think we’re high enough altitude-wise to really affect the fitness for us.”

What he meant: “Most of my competition isn’t in as good of shape as me and just wait until it gets hot.”

Austin Forkner

What he said: “Yeah. I don’t really care about the championship. I wouldn’t care about the championship if I was in the lead right now. You can’t think about the championship. You got to do the best you can every single moto and at the end of the year, with two rounds left, if you’re in the title hunt then you can start thinking about it.”

What he meant: “Yeah, I totally care about the championship and the fact I’m so far back.”

Marvin Musquin

What he said: “I read the article on about David Vuillemin said something, I need to be a little quicker and a little bit more aggressive. I actually thought about him after the moto. I was like, I think he would be proud of me for doing good like that and so many passes in the first few laps.”

What he meant: “I hope DV will pipe down now and leave me alone.”


Marvin Musquin was pleased with his riding on Saturday.

KTM Images/Simon Cudby

Blake Baggett

What he said: “The guys in front of you that you’re trying to pass, when you see them, they put up a little more fight until you can finally just break them. If you can break them enough times then they see you and it goes through their head that he’s going to go around me one way or another.

“That’s the ultimate way of motocross and supercross is just to get to that point of they know you’re going to go around one way or another. That’s what all the past champions – James Stewart, Ricky Carmichael, Ryan Villopoto [and] even Dungey did. Even though the guy was solidly smooth, when he was there you knew somehow he was going to get around you.”

What he meant: “I just worked everyone here today and guess what, there’s more beat downs coming so be ready everyone.”

Jeremy Martin

What he said: “I was like, get this lick bag out of here [in regard to seeing his brother Alex ahead of him in the first moto]”

What he meant: “I was like, get this lick bag out of here.”

Words: Steve Matthes | Lead Image: Monster Energy Media/Ryne Swanberg

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