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Matthes on: Triple Crown

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Did you have Triple Crown fever this past weekend? Glendale was the first round of said format and it provided some great racing and some not-so-great racing as well. The introduction of the three-main-event format a couple of years ago has elicited a mixed response from riders, teams, media and fans of the sport.

Me, I’m all for it. I applaud change because, guess what, you can always go back if it doesn’t work so I’m on-board. I wouldn’t want to see seventeen rounds of the format but I’d add more than three in the season. It’s weird to me to talk to some fans that despise the format… I mean, you can’t find anything good about the format that you do like? Seeing the best riders go at it three times is a good thing, right?



Sean Ogden

I think overall the reception for the most radical change in supercross’ forty-year history has been mixed amongst everyone. That speaks for the times we live in. I mean, does anything or anyone have universal acceptance? What would I do to tweak this format to make it a little better? Well, I’m glad you asked!

– The first thing I’d do doesn’t have anything to do with the Triple Crown format but it would help the evening out. I’d put the 250SX and 450SX LCQs into the night show. This is such a no-brainer and makes the whole thing a lot better. The LCQ races are so exciting and when you add in the fact that the entire stadium knows that only four are going on and the rest home makes for some real drama.

It would add ten minutes to the whole programme but the memories it gives is priceless. I don’t want to hear the excuse “you can’t start a programme without your stars” because, as it is now, we start with the 250SX riders, who are hardly the real stars of the show. This move should have been done yesterday.



Sean Ogden

– The fact the promoters made the change to the three races all being equal length last year is a good thing, so I’m here to say that we should look at making these races back to laps and not time. As it is now the riders are doing a lot more work and the mains do go on a tad long. Not much, but just a bit. There’s got to be a happy length of laps that would make these a bit shorter but long enough to make up for a poor start.

– Can we come up with an actual real name for the mains? Like, seriously! I’ve been having fun with this on the PulpMX Show but it’s asinine to come up with a shorter race that goes three times and call it the same as a single longer race. It’s like calling an apple a banana. Just call them motos for gods sake and put the whole “we don’t want to acknowledge motocross was right” mentality away please and thank you. While we’re at it, can we have the AMA keep track of these things?

– I think the timing of the three races is fine, any less and it would be tough for the riders/teams to be ready. Anymore and it would drag a bit for the fans (it’s probably right on the borderline of dragging as it is now) but we could use more filler in-between the races. There’s also a need for track maintenance as well somewhere in there.

If you are not going to put the LCQ races in there, maybe a B-main for the riders not in the main event? I understand that there needs to be some pay for the guys here… Maybe you just move the LCQ money there? I just feel for the smaller teams and privateers that support the sport and are getting right shut out of the night show with the Triple-Crown format.



Sean Ogden

– Finally, the riders and teams work a lot harder at these races than a regular supercross and the fact that [Ken] Roczen did two extra starts, more laps, had more chances for issues to arise and got three more points than Eli Tomac seems a bit off. Maybe a bonus for most mains won? Something other than three points seems fair… Don’t start awarding each main with the regular amount of points. That’s too much of a penalty for a rider who gets hurt and misses the race but it seems to me that a change is needed to award the individual race winners a bit more.

Words: Steve Matthes | Lead Image: Sean Ogden


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