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Matthes on: Translations

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St Louis was a good race with plenty to talk about, the track was again pretty sweet and we saw some good racing in both classes. The intensity of the 450SX main event really caught my eye  the guys were going for it! In the 250s we saw Austin Forkner grab the win in front of his hometown fans in a controlled and measured ride. This just in: Dylan Ferrandis has to work on his starts too. Attention David Vuillemin.

Post-race I found myself wandering the indoor pits looking for riders to chat with. While I didn’t find Adam Cianciarulo or Zach Osborne, I did find some other riders and I will offer up my translation of what they really meant! You are all welcome!

Justin Barcia

SM: “We have been talking a lot lately. We probably talked more in the last week than we have in like five years.”

JB: “Yeah, we have been talking a lot, which is good, because now we are friends.”

Translation: We are not really friends but I can tolerate you now.



Sean Ogden

SM: “Heat race not so good, not a great start I guess it was.”

JB: “Yeah, not a good start, but my passes were phenomenal. I worked through the pack good in six minutes. It was a really good race. It wasn’t obviously a win, but it was a nice race.”

Translation: You obviously didn’t watch me come from ninth to third or you forgot moron.

JB: “I didn’t want to blame it on anybody, but Vince [Friese] was in the good line. I just blew through the jump and cased, endo, endo, landed on the tuff blocks and blew on the concrete. I got road rash down my side. It was one of those days but we managed, so can’t complain.”

Translation: I totally want to complain and blame it on Vince Friese.

JB: “Thanks, Steve. That’s a lot coming from you. You don’t give compliments out. I appreciate that.”

Translation: All you do is talk shit on riders on the internet.



Sean Ogden

Jacob Hayes

SM: “The triple, triple, triple thing was big for you guys.”

JH: “Yeah, it was. To go double, double, triple, triple, single I was on the limiter trying to get that puppy every lap.”

SB: “The Star guys were over-jumping it.”

JH: “Well, don’t talk about that.”

Translation: Those bikes are SO much better than mine so I just try to block that information out so I don’t get depressed.

Justin Brayton

Me: “Bike issue in the heat?”

JB: “Yeah. I don’t honestly know exactly what it was.”

Translation: I know exactly what it was Matthes, I just came out of a post-race meeting with Honda and they told me but no chance in hell I’m telling you.

JB: “Chad beat me to the first turn and I got by him. It was actually really fun.”

Translation: Riding an LCQ is terrifying and not fun at all.



Sean Ogden

Alex Martin

AM: “I had a really good parade lap start, then I kind of botched the main start.”

Translation: I basically folded when the pressure was on.

AM: “He’s [Brandon Hartranft] on the Mike Brown programme. You can’t give Seth [Rarick] any credit.

Me: I think Brownie quit already.”

AM: “Never mind.”

Translation: I don’t think we should talk about that. Let’s change the topic.

Ken Roczen

KR: “I’ve just been trying to really get comfortable on the bike because I’m the kind of rider that when things are comfortable for me I go really good, but when things are a little bit off I’m off the back.”

Translation: You bitches saw me complain about my bike after Anaheim 1. Well, guess what? They made me comfortable and I smoked everyone so suck it.

KR: “I definitely slowed down in the last couple laps just because I didn’t want to do anything stupid. Last lap was super slow. I almost singled everything. I messed it up plenty of times towards the end. It ain’t over until you cross the finish line jump. I’ve learned that.”

Translation: “I was so scared I was going to screw this this up, I almost crashed. I FINALLY WON THOUGH!”

Words: Steve Matthes | Lead Image: Sean Ogden


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