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Matthes on: Arlington

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On a plane to Atlanta for round nine of the Monster Energy Supercross series and I have some random thoughts on that and some others as well. Amazing to me that Cooper Webb is going to race this weekend after his nasty crash last weekend. He can’t possibly be 100% but he is a gamer  we all know that. He’s got some serious points to make up on Eli Tomac and Ken Roczen but it’s not like either guy ahead of him is just a lock to not have something happen to them, right? If Webb can defend this title after all this, he truly might be able to string some more of these together.

I mean, we have to give the Daytona win to Tomac right? He has been so good down at the speedway for so long that one would think Roczen needs to make a statement this weekend in Atlanta. Many great champions have told me that you can’t let your competitor get more than a win or two in a row. You have to stop any sort of invincibility cloke one gets with a few wins. The sport is so mental so if ET gets the win this weekend, or at least finishes in front of Ken, then Daytona goes to him as well. We could soon be looking at a double digit lead for Tomac with just seven races to go.



Race Kawasaki

I don’t know what JGR Suzuki is going to do now with the 450 class now that Broc Tickle, who was a replacement rider for the replacement rider, got hurt. There was talk of putting Decotis back up on the 450 but some don’t want to do that. Poor JGR. Stay tuned…

Ryan Dungey leaving GEICO just months into buying into the team as a part-owner is a head scratcher for sure. Even more so when you see that Dungey went and deleted all mentions of GEICO Honda (other than the announcement that they were parting ways) off his Instagram. People I spoke to say that most of the reason why was the time commitments to the team were a bit more than he wanted but that also he was the one making those commitments. No one on the team was asking him to be so deeply involved with the riders and the team but as my source told me, “Ryan is all in or he is all out.” If he couldn’t do it the way he wanted, well then he wasn’t going to be just in halfway.

His financial interest in the team never got officially finished either so he’s one hundred percent out. I know from other people that he was a bit frustrated in dealing with some of the things that couldn’t happen right away, some of it due to riders, parents, agents etc. When you are solely in charge of your career like Ryan was for so long, maybe some decisions that you have to wait on or can’t be done the way you’d like might be frustrating for you. Whatever the reason is, Ryan Dungey is out at GEICO Honda and so save those photos of him on a Honda. They are collectables now!




MXGP Thoughts

I can’t believe that Jorge Prado is ready to go for the first MXGP. Didn’t seem to be anywhere near enough time to recover from a broken femur, right? I’m excited to see the kid in his first season in MXGP but I hope he’s not pushing this injury. He has got a long career in front of him and doesn’t need to jump in right away with the big dogs if he is not one hundred percent. If he is one hundred percent, who is his doctor? Mr. Magoo?

We all know that the only guy that can beat Jeffrey Herlings in MXGP is… Jefferey Herlings. The Dutchman might just do himself in this year based on past experiences and I’m sure the other riders are thinking the same thing. Stay as close as you can to him and hope he does what he’s done in past series. For Herlings he’s got to follow the 2020 Eli Tomac playbook and just do his thing, not panic and it should work out well for him. I mean, come on, who doesn’t want to see Antonio Cairoli have one last run for another MXGP title though? Besides Herlings and Gajser that is.

I’m interested in seeing how the team switch is going to go for Romain Febvre this year. Injuries and big ones at that have slowed the past champion down and it’s going to be weird to see him on a green bike but he’s just got to look at Tim Gajser and know that, if you did it once, you can do it again. It seems to me from the outside that the MXGP riders take a little longer to adapt to their bikes than the American riders do so might be some teething stuff for Febvre to go through but I’m watching.

Words: Steve Matthes | Lead Image: Race Kawasaki


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