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Madison / Thor, Team Vintage Bloke Bacing, Race Report.

Gary Gladwin. You will most likely not have heard his name before – he is not famous like pepper pig, nor does he want to be. He is quiet and unassuming. Gary loves a petite little ripper from the 80’s, that smokes a bit too much… Debbie Harry would be idea… sadly something lower maintenance was needed. The YZ100 “H” was Garry’s obvious (?) choice for a mechanical mistress, just look how he rags her in the 125 class at the Vets of Nations… OoouuuUuuussseeeee… He gets her out of the gate quicker than randy farmer with a herd of recently shorn ewes – then nearly grabs an epic holey on the thimble sized stink-wheel… But!!! – shuts off like a rookie too early, rather than keeping her lit and railing the outside! Such a shame GG, you could have been an absolute #BOSS


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