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Lyng Rd 3 Update…

MX1 Race 3

Stribjos wins…Karro, de reuver, Simpson, krestinov, Parker, snow, law, smith, nunn, benstead, bird, garrett, Moffat, Wilde, Hutchinson, Baldwin, Simmons,greedy, Rutherford

Last lap… Strijbos 27 sec lead… Karro, de reuver and Simpson all battling…

Martin Barr down…

Lap 9

Strijbos, Karro, de reuver, Simpson, sword, krestinov, whatley, Barr, Parker, snow, law, smith, nunn, benstead, bird, garrett, Moffat

Stribjos has a 24 second lead… Karro, de reuver, sword, Simpson, krestinov, whatley

Lap 6

Strijbos, Karro, de reuver, sword, krestinov, whatley, snow, Parker, Barr’ smith, nunn, benstead, law, bird, moffat, Hutchinson, garrett, wilde, Rutherford, coutts

Strijbos leads, sword, Karro, Simpson, de reuver, whatley,krestinov

MX2 Race 3

Irwin 3rd overall, ebb 2nd and pocock 1st overall and championship leader!

Ebb wins, pocock, lenoir, mack, Irwin, Watson, Bradshaw, aubin, tombs, Dunn, Cottrell, keet, Thompson, remmer, sterry, walkley, houghton, harwood, Hawkins, Norris

2 laps to go…

Ebb, pocock, lenoir, mack, Irwin, Watson, Bradshaw, aubin, tombs, Cottrell, Thompson, keep, Dunn, walkley, remmer, sterry, houghton, garland, hardwood, Hawkins…

Lap 8

Ebb 8 secs lead on pocock, lenoir, mack, Irwin, tombs, Watson, Bradshaw, aubin, Cottrell, Thompson, meet, walkley, sterry, Mitchell, Dunn, remmer, garland, houghton,burrows….

Ebb, lenoir, pocock, mack, Irwin, tombs, Bradshaw Watson, aubin, sterry……lap 7… The track is so rough and the rain is starting again…

Lap 5

Ebb, lenoir, pocock, mack, tombs, Irwin, Bradshaw, Watson, aubin, sterry, Cottrell, Thompson, keep, walkley…

Booker down… Garland in 18th

Lap 3

Ebb, lenoir, pocock, mack, booker, houghton, tombs, Bradshaw, Irwin , Watson, aubin, sterry…

Edmonds went down…

Lap 1 lenoir, ebb, mack, pocock, booker, houghton,tombs, aubin, Bradshaw…

Mellows out…

Pocock, ebb and Irwin all up for overall! Lenoir hole shots… Hawkins and Norris down

MX2 Race 2

Strijbos wins.. Simpson, de reuver, Karro, Parker, sword, whatley, krestinov, law, Dougan, snow, Barr, bird, nunn,cremers, Hutchinson, coutts, Wilde, simmons, garrett, moffatt

Strijbos leads still by 9 seconds….

2 laps left, Parker is flying, catching sword for 5th…

Josh waterman has had a big off…let’s hope he’s ok…

Lap 8

Strijbos takes the lead, Simpson 2nd.. Strijbos, went 4 secs faster than anyone else…

Lap 6

Simpson and stijbos are so close…de reuver, Karro, sword, Parker, whatley, Dougan, snow, krestinov, law, Barr, bird, garrett, cremers, nunn, Hutchinson, Simmons, coutts, moffat, king

Think I just seen captain chaos with a camera..

Lap 4

Simpson, strijbos, de reuver, sword, Karro, Dougan, Parker, whatley, Barr, snow, krestinov, law, bird

Lap 3

Simpson leads, sword, stijbos, de reuver, Karro, Dougan, Parker, Barr, whatley, snow, law, krestinov, bird, Simmons

Sword, Simpson, stijbos, de reuver, Karro, Dougan, Barr 1st lap!

MX 2 Race 2

Pocock, Irwin, mack, lenoir, ebb, tombs, houghton, meet, booker, au in, Mitchell, watson, Cottrell, walkley, Hawkins, sterry, Edmonds, milward, harwood, Norris, Dunn, garland, mellows, mccammond, Dodd, b.pocock, Bradshaw, rowson, trickett

Rowson, Bradshaw and ebb crashed, ebb recovered well.

Sorry guys just lost a whole race due to signal…

Pocock won, I believe that could be his first win in MX2..

pocock with the hole shot and leads ebb and Irwin..

MX1 Race 1

Stijbos wins by a bike length!! From Simpson who made up 3 seconds on last lap.sword 3rd, Karro, Dougan, krestinov, snow, whatley, nunn, law, bird, Parker, garrett, de reuver, smith, benstead, greedy, king, Hutchinson, waterman..

2 laps left…Simpson has lead down to 5 seconds! Stijbos still leading. Sword, Karro, Dougan, Barr, law, snow, whatley, krestinov, nunn, bird, garrett, benstead, Parker, smith, greedy, king

It’s pissing down now…i mean raining!!

De Reuter came in with a bike issue when he was in 7th…now 25th

It looks like the bike has ended coutts race and not the broken collar bone…

Lap 7 stijbos, Simpson, sword, Dougan, Karro, Barr,snow, whatley, krestinov, coutts, nunn, bird

Strijbos is the boss in this one…just started lap 6 with a 12 sec lead… My hands are cold as you like on this hill in the rain…

Matt moffatt was in 8th on the 2 stroke before his chain snapped..

Strijbos leads, Simpson, sword, Dougan, karro, Barr, de reuver, law, krestinov, snow, Wheatley, coutts, nunnery, bird, Garrett, greedy, king, benstead

Mx2 race 1

Ebb riding with a hand injury and missing the next gp….

Result, ebb wins!! Irwin, pocock, lenoir, Mack, Bradshaw, booker, remmer, sterry, tombs, burrows, hawkins, houghton, Edmonds, mellows, keet, walkeley, Watson, Mitchell,mcCammond, garland, strydom

Lap 11 Irwin has pulled a second back on ebb, last lap though…

Lap 10 some great battles. Mack all over lenoir for 4th, Hawkins all over burrows for 11 th.. Track looking rough already!!!

Lap 9 ebb opens 9 sec lead…Irwin, pocock, lenoir, Mack, Bradshaw, booker

Lap8 ebb, Irwin, lenoir, pocock, Mack, Bradshaw, booker, remmer, sterry, tombs, burrows, Hawkins

Lap 6 ebb, lenoir, Irwin,pocock, Mack, booker, Bradshaw, aubin, remmer, edmonds, sterry, keet

Ebb howl shots and leads lenoir. Bry Mac, Irwin, pocock, booker, Bradshaw, remember, sterry, tombs, burrows, mellows, Hawkins

finally online…

MX2 Aubin on pole, ebb 2nd..

MX1 Superpole Results

Strijbos, sword, dougan, karro, Simpson, Barr, snow, Parker, whatley, krestinov, de reuver, a.Smith.


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