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Luke Norris Racing – Hawkstone Park

After missing out round 5 due to a recurring back injury, I wanted to go to Hawkstone and try my best to make a change from the tough year we’ve had so far. Hawkstone is one of my favourite tracks and I was eager to get out there and race.

Qualifying went fairly well, was just inside the top 15 before dropping back to 19th. Unfortunately on my last flying lap I made a mistake and wasted the lap. But top 20 gave me a reasonable place on the start and I was excited for the first race.

Race 1

As the gate dropped for the first race, I got a terrible jump and had to find a way through the first corner to make up as many places as possible. I made some good passes on the first few corners but made a big mistake which meant losing all the places I had just gained. I tried my best to re-focus and get past as many people in the first lap as possible. On lap 2 I made another mistake which caused me to lose my rhythm and I was trying for most of the race to get it back. I dropped back one place to 19th but didn’t stop fighting, I caught the rider in front of me and was trying my best to get back around him. The last lap board came out and I knew I had to make my move as soon as possible. I tried to tuck down the inside on a tricky corner but couldn’t make the pass and had to settle for 19th. Not what I was hoping for but a reasonable start to the day.

Race 2

After a terrible start in race 1, I went to the line knowing on the things I had to focus on. Unfortunately someone stole the gate I had prepped and I had to use another. I got out the gate mid-pack but got caught up behind a crash coming into the first corner. This dropped me quite a way back into around 32nd place. I got my head down and started picking off as many riders as I could. By half way I was in around 24th with a small group of riders in my sight. I managed to catch them and get around them all, but by that time it was too late and I had to settle for 21st. Very frustrating race but I can take a few positives away from the race.

Without getting points in race 2 meant I didn’t get into the mixed super final. Not happy with myself on the performance on the day but I’ll keep working hard and not give up. The next race we have is a European race in the Czech Republic. Really looking forward to it and hope to get some good results. Thanks again for all your support, I’m confident that with a few good starts I’ll be right in the mix.

Luke Norris

MX Vice Editor || 25

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