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Luke Norris – OctX MNE Kawasaki

Race Report – Maxxis British Championships – Round 1

Fat Cat Moto Parc, Doncaster – 17 March 2013

The first round of the British Championship kicked off at Fat Cat Moto Parc, in Doncaster. When we
arrived, the track was drying out nicely and the sun was out. But, being typical England it didn’t last
long and the heavens opened. Knowing we were going to have a muddy first round, I prepared
myself the best I could and felt ready for whatever the conditions would throw at us.
Practice and qualifying didn’t go quite the way I wanted too. My first flying lap I got caught behind a
slower rider and lost a lot of time. The same happened the next 2 fast laps I tried to put it. Luckily
with a few minutes to go I managed to put in a reasonable time which got me 17th. Not where I
wanted to be but gave me a reasonable place on the start.
I lined up in a reasonable place on the start and got a pretty good jump, getting to the first corner in
about 16th. I made a few passes in the first few corners and was just outside the top 10. I pushed
hard on the first lap but a stupid mistake on a jump sent me over the back. After finally climbing
back up, I remounted about 3 from the back. I charged as hard as I could and made up some good
ground in the first few laps. I managed to get just inside the top 20 by about half way point and still
had some people in front of me. After a few riders crashing and having bike problems, I jumped up
to 17th and managed to salvage some points. A very frustrating race but I was looking forward to
mixing it up with them in race 2.
After having a fairly dry race 1, the rain started to pour for the second race and the track was a
complete mess. The start straight was under water but it was the same for everyone and I had to
make the best of it. I got closed off coming out of the gate and was right near the back coming round
the first turn. Exactly what I didn’t want! Unfortunately the force of the water managed to push the
brake pads out and I was left with no front brake for the whole race. I made up a lot of places in the
first lap and was around the 20th place mark. After having a few problems with my goggles, I was
forced to throw them off and do the remained of the race with no goggles. About 3 laps in, I got
stuck behind another rider and ended up going off the track. Unfortunately I managed to go off in
one of the biggest puddles off the track and tested out my swimming skills. By the time I flipped the
bike back over I’d lost all my positions and the bike was smoking pretty badly. I had to pull in and
DNF the race due to having no brakes and not wanting to completely ruin the bike.
A frustrating weekend to say the least, but I know I’ve got the speed and can run with the top guys.
I’ll keep working hard and hopefully have a better round 2.
Luke Norris #73

MX Vice Editor || 25

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