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Luke Norris – OctX MNE Kawasaki – Foxhill Race Report

This weekend saw a return to Foxhills Motoparc in Swindon, a track not too far from home and
one that I always enjoy riding. With this race being the next round of the Maxxis British
Championships the racing was not going to be easy especially with race 3 being a Super final
with the top 20 MX1 riders against the top 20 MX2 riders.
The MX2 riders were out first for qualifying which saw a well prepared circuit recently watered
allowing for plenty of grip. I managed to get out near the front of qualifying getting some good
track time in free practice ready to go for broke in timed practice. I felt good and was putting in
some reasonable times which saw me inside the top 20, on the last lap of timed practice I
managed to put in a good lap which was almost clear going 2 seconds faster and getting me
up to 16th place which gave me a reasonable gate pick going for the first race.
Race 1
The starts are key at a track like Foxhills, so I knew I had to get a really good start to be right
up in the mix with them. I did get off to a fairly good start, came around the first corner just
inside the top 20. The first few corners were carnage and I was just trying to stay on. I got
through the first few laps in about 18th, having some good battles with a few riders which I
managed to get past and jump up to 17th. The next group of riders were a good few seconds
in front so I set my sights on getting my lines right and trying my best to reel them in. With 1
lap to go I caught up to 15th and 16th, but unfortunately ran out of time and had to settle for
17th. Not 100% happy with it but I knew what to do ready for the second race.
Race 2
Unfortunately the 2nd start didn’t go quite to plan and I was left near the back of the pack. I
managed to make a good few passes in the first few laps and got myself just outside the top
20. There was a big group of riders in front of me and I knew I had the pace over them all. I
set up my passes and within about 3 laps I’d got past them all. I was in 16th and could see the
next group of riders not too far in front of me. With about 3 laps to go I dropped back 1 place
but was still pulling in the other riders ahead. Unfortunately with the races only being 20
minutes + 2 laps I ran out of time and had to settle for 17th again. I rode a lot better in that race
but getting a bad start didn’t help. This gave me enough points to get into the last race which
was a mixed mx1 and mx2.
Race 3
With 37th gate pick I didn’t have much choice of where to go. I knew the start would be critical
up against the 450 riders. I got a really good jump and went into the first corner just inside the
top 20. But being right on the outside I got pushed out really wide and lost most of the
positions. It was a case of staying on and taking the punishment of the roost of the 450’s
which wasn’t pleasant. I managed to make a few passes and get myself into 29th position,
which was 14th in the mx2 class. I clicked off the laps and brought it home in 29th. I felt like I
rode pretty good again but being against the 450’s round a very hilly track was difficult.
This gave me an overall position of 19th on the weekend which is still good but just a bit down
on where I really want to be. I did however manage to move up 2 places in the championship
to 19th and only a few points away from 15th position. I am aiming to get as close to the top 10
by the end of the season to set me up well for next year. I feel that I am making good steady
progress but as always I really want much more and will work to try and get that. Our next race is the 2nd round of the European championship in France this coming weekend.
Hopefully I can get the starts and make it into the main race on Sunday which is my aim. I will
let you all know how it goes.
Thanks again to all of my sponsors and supporters who are continually there for me and help
me to keep pushing forward.
Luke Norris #73

MX Vice Editor || 25

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