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Luke Norris – Maxxis British Championships – Round 3

Lyng, Norfolk – 7 April 2013

After a frustrating round 1 at Fat Cats, I was ready and confident that I could turn it around for the
next round and show what I’m capable of. We arrived Saturday lunch time, the sun was out and the
track looked great. It’s always been one of my favourite tracks and I look forward to racing there
each year.
Practice and qualifying went pretty well, I got a clear first lap of qualifying which put me inside the
top 15 and in with a shout of getting into super pole. By the end of qualifying I ended up 14th which
gave me a pretty good gate pick for the races.

Race 1

As the gate dropped for the first race, I got a pretty good jump and made my way round the first few
corners just inside the top 10. I tried my best not to make any mistakes and ride a clean race. At the
half way stage I was running about 9th, with 2 riders behind me and a few in front which were within
reaching distance. Coming round a bumpy part of the track I made a small mistake and went off the
track, losing 2 positions and quite a bit of time on the riders in front. This put me back to 11th and I
set my sights on trying to shrink the gap of the riders in front. With 2 laps to go I made up quite a bit
of ground and had 10th just in front of me. Unfortunately I was unable to get around and had to
settle for 11th. I was happy with the result and had the confidence knowing I can run right up there
with the other riders.

Race 2

This race didn’t start off quite as well, I got pushed out on the first turn and came round the first lap
in around 17th. I pushed hard and had a few riders in front of me which I knew I was faster than. The
rider just ahead of me stopped in a corner and I had nowhere to go, which resulted in me crashing
and dropping back outside the top 30. I remounted in about 32nd and knew I’d got a challenge ahead
of me to get back inside the top 20. As the laps clicked off I made quite a few passes and gained a lot
time on the riders in front of me. I fought my way into 20th and with 1 lap to go I knew I could get
inside the top 20. I made a pass on the last lap which put me into 19th, but didn’t have enough time
to get any higher. My lap times were good and I took all the positives I could out of that race.

Race 3

Coming into race 3 I knew I had to get a good start to have any chance of getting inside the top 10.
Luckily I got a good start and came round in about 13th. I stayed there for the majority of the race
and could see that I was catching up to 12th. With about 5 minutes to go I hit a bump awkwardly
which sent me over the bars and left me pretty dazed. Luckily I had built up a big gap behind me and
only lost 2 positions. With one lap to go I had pressure from a rider behind me. I kept my cool and
tried not to make any mistakes. On the last corner of the last lap, I made a stupid mistake which allowed the other rider to get past. Very frustrating as I was only a few feet from the finish! A rider in
front of me got disqualified for failing noise testing which put me up to 15th
Overall I think I made some big steps this weekend and know what I’m capable of. I finished 13th
overall, my first top 15 overall which I’m happy about and know where I need to improve. A big
thanks for all the ongoing support and will continue working hard to get inside the top 10!

MX Vice Editor || 25

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