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Luke Norris – EMX Faenza race report

Faenza was the last round of the Europeans and luckily we were one of 50 to get selected for this round. My mum and dad drove down in the camper while me, my sister and her boyfriend flew down. Pretty cheeky I know, but it saved me being tired on the weekend from all the travelling. We turned up at the track on Friday, blazing hot sunshine and the track looked pretty good. I felt very confident that I could qualify and get some good results.

Timed Practice

Free practice and timed practice went fairly well, I got inside the top 30 but the times were all very close. Another second faster a lap would have put me close to the top 15. This didn’t give me a great gate pick but luckily the start was fairly equal so I still had a good chance of getting a good start.

Race 1

I got off to a good start and made it cleanly round the first corner. I was just outside the top 20 and on the first few laps I made some passes which put me in around 19th. About half way through the race I got up to 18th with a whole bunch of riders right behind me. I tried my hardest to stay focused and not make any mistakes. About 4 laps from the end I tightened up really badly and dropped back to 22nd. I managed to stay in 22nd and not lose any more positions, but I was pretty happy seeing as it was my first European championship race and I knew what to expect going into the second race.

Race 2

After a very wet warm up on Sunday morning, the track dried out nicely in the sun ready for our  race. Going into the 2nd race I knew I could get inside the top 20 and get my first points. I made it very hard for myself by getting caught up in the first corner and ended up in 37th place. I got my head down in the first 10 minutes and made as many passes as I could. After about lap 5 I was up in 24th position with a bunch of riders just ahead of me. Within a few laps I caught and passed the group of riders which put me into 19th place. I pulled away and set my sights on the next rider in front. Luckily for me he made a mistake which allowed me to get around, putting me in 18th. I kept my cool and tried my best not to worry about what was behind me. I came across the finish in 18th and got myself 3 European championship points which everyone was really happy about. I knew I could do it and I proved to everyone I could. It was a great way to finish off the European series and can carry the momentum onto hopefully doing them again next year.

We’ve now got 2 weeks off before the last round of the British championship, can’t believe the season’s nearly over already!!

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