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Long, testing weekend for Maxxis LPE Henderson Kawasaki at Lyng

Following a five week break from Maxxis ACU British Motocross action the Maxxis Henderson LPE Kawasaki headed to the sandy circuit of Lyng. Following the recent wet weather the whole team was excited to get back on track, along with Ray Rowson making his return to racing following his broken ankle at Canada Heights.

The day started off with the qualification sessions for both the MX2 and MX1 class. In MX2 Ray Rowson spent the beginning of the session feeling his way back into riding. As the session went on Ray was able to post a strong time for 17th position, whilst Connor Walkley struggled to get a clear lap and finished in 26th. For Martin Barr in MX1 he produced a strong lap for 4th place in Q1 but two small mistakes during his Superpole lap left him in 6th place.

The first MX2 race of the day would see drama from the start after Connor crashed in the first turn and remounted near last, Rowson also struggled on the opening lap suffering a small crash. Both riders pushed hard towards the point scoring positions when Rowson would crash again forcing him to pit for fresh goggles. Connor produced a strong ride to get him back into the points and finished a well deserved 17th, while Ray finished down in 28th.

Next up was the first MX1 race of the day and Martin made a strong start inside the top 6 as the race went on Martin began to close the gap on Jason Dougan in 5th, when with a lap to go the bike stopped due to a electrical issue and that was to be the end of Martin’s race.

The second MX2 race of the day would see Rowson start inside the top 10 while Connor suffered another bad start and would have a lot of work to do coming from 30th on the opening lap. Rowson produced an excellent ride moving up to 8th place by mid race but disaster struck as during the race as due to clipping a track post one of the hoses on the oil cooler became dislodged causing the bike to lose its oil and on the last lap the bike came to a halt. Meanwhile Connor had battled his way through the field to produce a superb 14th place.

After a problem with Martin’s race bike in the opening race and not enough time between races to fix the problem Martin was forced to take to the line on his spare bike. It became clear following the sighting lap that there was a problem with the hydraulic clutch unit on the bike and it would be a case of damage limitation. After starting well Martin would slowly slip backwards but managed to bring it home to finish in 11th place.

The final MX2 race of the day would see Connor make his best start and running just outside the top 15th at the end of the opening lap. Ray started the race with a mountain to climb after getting caught up in the first turn pile up but he quickly re mounted & was making good progress towards the points when he suffered a problem and had to retire after lap 3. This left Connor as the sole rider in the race and he was up to 14th and a top ten result was possible until his knee brace broke and began to dig into his leg which dropped him a couple of places and he would eventually finish in 16th.

The final MX1 race of the day would see Martin make a good start but lose ground in the 2nd and 3rd corners after a slight mistake. He quickly regrouped and started pushing forward whilst in eighth place about to make a pass for 7th he crashed heavily and banged his head and had to retire from the race on lap 10.

The team will now regroup and prepare for the opening round of the Red Bull Pro National Championship at Landrake.

Martin Barr

Crap day really, Qualifying went ok with 6th in Superpole after making a couple of mistakes towards the end of the lap, but 6th was ok. Race one I got a good top 5 start and just stayed there as I had a bit of arm pump and then with a few laps to go the bike started to miss fire a bit & lost power and then with two laps to go it stopped and wouldn’t restart so I DNF’d that race. The second race I had to go out on the spare bike and we had a slight problem with the clutch. As the race went on it was dragging in the corners and I finished 11th. The last race I was hoping for a good race to finish the day on a high. I got a good start but going into turn two I had a big slide and nearly went down and lost a load of places, I put my head down and pushed hard and was coming through when I had a big crash and hit my head and wasn’t sure where I was, so that was the race over. It’s a shame that today has been so bad as it’s ruined the Maxxis Championship for us and now my focus will be on the Red Bull which starts next weekend.

Ray Rowson

It’s been a terrible weekend; the second race was going well up until when the bike stopped. So it’s been a bad weekend, so roll on next weekend and the start of the Red Bull Pro National Championship.

Connor Walkley

Today’s been a tough day for the whole team and myself. My starts were shocking today and need to work on them. My pace has been good all day and I was able to battle into the points in all three races. Now my focus is on next weekend and the first Red Bull Pro Nationals.

Steve James

This weekend has been a total disaster and possibly the worst day I have ever had in all the years of running a team as everything that could go wrong, did go wrong! We have had a lot of problems. We had mechanical problems with both Ray and Martin, Connor kept it together and produced three strong rides. He finished in 17th overall and just outside the top 15th. The results in both classes have been so up and down, Ray suffered a couple of crashes in the opening race due to it being his first race back and had to pit for new goggles. In the second race he was in 8th and about to pass for 7th when the bike stopped due to a pipe coming off the oil cooler dumping the oil from the engine. For Martin the day started well with 4th in Q1 and 6th in Superpole, then the first race was going well until the bike just stopped with a lap to go! This was due to an electrical fault. The second race he went out on spare bike after swapping as much over as possible including suspension and the hydraulic clutch, but once the race started it was clear there was a problem with the clutch and he would finish 11th. Then in the last one he didn’t get the best start but was coming through well and looking good when he went down hard and that was the race over. We now need to go home and lick our wounds and prepare for the opening round of the Red Bull Pro Nationals next weekend.

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