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Live Stream: Uddevalla

Watch some racing this weekend! Rounds three and four of the SVEMO Motocross series will be shown for free below, so simply tune in whenever you see fit and catch some racing. You can watch it live, of course, or you can watch it on demand. It’s all right here! Races are being run at Uddevalla and names of note include Jed Beaton, Kay De Wolf, Isak Gifting, Simon Langenfelder, Andrea Bonacorsi, Jeremy Sydow, Rene Hofer, Liam Everts, Tim Edberg, Dave Kookier and Thomas Kjer Olsen. MX2 is obviously stacked.

Now that round three, run on Saturday, is complete, the timetable for Sunday can be viewed below. Those in Sweden are one hour ahead of United Kingdom – there is no time difference to mainland Europe. The results from the first day can also be viewed elsewhere on MX Vice, just to get you up to speed.


MX2 Time Practice A


MX2 Time Practice B


MX1 Time Practice A


MX1 Time Practice B


MX2 Moto One


MX1 Moto One


MX2 Moto Two


MX1 Moto Two

Words: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: Bavo Swijgers


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