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Live Stream: Monte Aragon

Campeonato de España motocross live stream, featuring Jeffrey Herlings.

Europe is alive with the sound of motocross bikes! The Campeonato de España series is taking place at Monte Aragon this weekend – that is obviously a circuit in Spain. After all, it is the Spanish national series! The stream of the racing is free to watch on this page, making it super convenient to see how Jeffrey Herlings and Brian Bogers look in their first outing of the race. The MX2 class features no real notable names, unfortunately, but just watching Herlings is enough to make it interesting. Notable race times are available below.


MX2 Moto One


MX1 Moto One


MX2 Moto Two


MX1 Moto Two

The schedule above is based on CET (Central European Time). Results from Monte Aragon are available elsewhere on MX Vice.


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