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List Them: Herlings’ Tracks

Jeffrey Herlings has won so much in his career, of course, but do you recall all of his wins? Try to name all of the different tracks that he has won a round of the FIM Motocross World Championship at in the new MX Vice game below. This will put you to the test – there are a handful of circuits that were one and done. Remember when the series visited three different Thai tracks in three seasons? Yeah, that is going to be a stumbling block. Game on! Remember to share your score on social media (motocrossvice on Twitter).

It’s quite incredible that Herlings has won Grands Prix at 43 different tracks in his 11-year career, especially when you consider that so many layouts are revisited year after year (Valkenswaard and Pietramurata spring to mind). It speaks to just how dominant he has been! Herlings is sat at 99 Grand Prix victories now, of course, so that big 100 should be hit in February or March next year, all being well. Nine victories were added to his tally this season and three of those came at tracks that he had not won at before. A little hint…


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