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Leok Puts Route77energy Honda On The Podium At Round Three Of The Maxxis

Route77energy Honda returned to England this past weekend for the third round of the Maxxis
British Motocross championship at Lyng in Norfolk. The warm temperatures were a very welcome
relief and the team’s three riders were ready to take on one of the toughest sand tracks the country
has to offer.

In the MX2 class, Arminas Jasikonis qualified in twentieth, while in the MX1 class, both Tanel
Leok and Jason Dougan qualified inside the top twelve, which in turn made both eligible for the
super pole. There Leok qualified on pole, with Dougan in eleventh.

For Jasikonis, the day went from bad to worse. In the first race, he got off to a mid-pack start, but
a crash soon left him in the rear of the pack. From there, he worked his way forward again, only
to find himself stranded at the far end of the circuit with a dead bike, and a long push back to the
paddock followed. The second race was an improvement on the first; here Jasikonis was soon
making inroads into the top fifteen, moving into fourteenth place with several minutes left on the
clock. The third race looked to be a mirror image of the second, but much to his consternation,
Jasikonis found himself without a silencer, which earned him a one-minute penalty at the end of the
race and costing him ten positions for a twenty-second place on the day.

Leok arguably had the best day one could have wished for. Taking the holeshot in the first race and
leading it from start to finish was a good way to start. In the second race, Leok again took charge
early only to make two mistakes that cost him the lead. Shadowing leader Tommy Searle for the
remainder of the race, Leok made things very difficult for his rival from Kent. In the final race,
Leok again found himself second to Searle, but all was not lost, as Leok still took home second
place overall, earning the team another podium.

For Dougan, the day was a tough one. Still struggling with a shoulder injury sustained earlier in
the season, his strategy was to retain as many points as possible whilst minimising any risk of re-
injury. His first race was a good solid effort too. Starting in third, Dougan kept the leaders in his
sights, whilst maintaining a fourth-place for the remainder of the race. In the second race, the injury
was taking its toll; here Dougan started in fourth before having to concede several positions. A
second wind gave him enough energy to move up one position and end in seventh. In the final race,
Dougan found himself in fourth again, but a small mistake in the final lap cost him six positions,
and he had to make do with an eighth overall on the day.

Commented team principal Mark Chamberlain: “All in all it was a good day. I really feel for
Arminas, it didn’t go well for him today. We had an engine problem in the first race, then the
exhaust got hit and broken in the last one, it was just so unfortunate. In the MX1 class, Tanel was
really strong. Jason rode very well considering where he is at, and I was pleased. The mistake he
made in the final race where he went from sixth to twelfth or thirteenth, at the end that could have
been a good result but he still rode really well. I’m proud of the boys today; Arminas to go through

what he went through and deal with it in a mature way, Arminas will be back at the next round
stronger and the MX1 boys towards the front.”

Jason Dougan (#85): I struggled in qualifying; I wasn’t really worried about getting a time in and
ended up eleventh in super-pole, first race gated third, ran third for about five laps, then dropped
back to fourth, and came on strong towards the end again. Managed to get back on to Matiss and
overall I was happy with that because I wasn’t expecting that because I’m riding in a lot of pain.
Compensating for the shoulder is hurting my back a lot, and in the second to last lap made a mistake
and ended up losing seven places and ending fourteenth. Overall I’m fairly happy because I still
managed to get some decent points considering that I’m not 100%.

Tanel Leok (#40): Today was good. First race I took the holeshot and the win, in the second race
took the holeshot and made two small mistakes in the chicane up the hill, and Tommy got by. We
were battling and I kept him close, but the rear brake faded again so had to settle for second. In
the last heat, start was good, was second, but the first few laps were not so nice, made too many
mistakes and didn’t find my rhythm.

Arminas Jasikonis (#77): In qualification I was twentieth and it was not so good. The track was not
really for me. The first race I couldn’t finish because the engine broke. In the second race, I was not
feeling too good and finished sixteenth. The third race was going quite well, I was getting better and
better, but I lost my pipe, so we’ll see how things go at the next race, it will be better.

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