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Leatt Heritage: Episode Two

Leatt continue to offer an insight into the climb that the company has made in recent years by taking us back to their roots. The new video below focusses on how the widely popular Leatt neck brace came to be.

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CAPE TOWN, South Africa – Global protective gear and apparel company, Leatt, has launched a new heritage video series to tell the story behind how Leatt started and how they got to be where they are today, as a head-to-toe brand.

We witnessed a moving and inspirational story of how and why Leatt came to be in in episode one. However, the problem solving continues in episode two as it explores how the neck brace model has evolved and advanced over the years. The Leatt neck brace is a product, designed to reduce the risk of severe neck injuries. This episode of ‘Heritage’ illustrates the challenges of introducing a product into the market with no international safety standards and no prior testing or design data.


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