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MX Vice is always looking at ways to see how we can take British Motocross forward. We bloody love the sport in this country and would love to see it return to the glory days of the 80’s.

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  1. kwilliams100

    Maybe a tv series like the old kick start, all youngsters loved that and inspired them to take up mx

  2. ade Post author

    Can we stop messing around with tracks as well? we don’t need manufactured berms all the time, and where ever there seems to be a 50 yard straight flat section of track we dont need to have a rhythm section or a ridiculous scrub/flat landing jump like the one towards the finish that has appeared at hawkstone this year!constant manufacturing of race tracks isn’t motocross….its outdoor supercross

  3. Monda Post author

    Not easy but can they try and not have too many other events on the date of British champ rounds so the fans who are usually racing most weekends can go and not miss their own meetings.

  4. east17fatty Post author

    I’ve been to a couple of rounds this year. No signs until the roundabout before you go in, or the turning off. £20 to get in, thats £80 for the car, £20 fuel each, without food and drink. Its one day. THINGS NEED TO CHANGE WE’RE IN A RECESSION!!

  5. steve

    I’ve been watching the British championship for years and I think you get great value for money. What other sports can you get a whole days entertainment for £20. As long as under 14s are free ,I don’t think we can complain about the price.

    I think they should drop the veterans and have MXY85 & MXY2 at every round. It’s good to see these youngsters really going for it on the big stage.

    The mixed race is also a good idea as it is great to see the best riders together in the same race and they have to be consistent in the first 2 races.

  6. James Post author

    Steve, Alice, East17 welcome to MX Vice.

    Good points Steve, I read an interesting email from Jeff today that has been sent to the ACU. Some ideas about groups etc..

    One of the points is dropping the vets in favour of giving the youths a place to shine and also get used to level of professionalism at the British Championship rounds.

    Mixed race i’m still dubious about.. On one hand its already being done with the masters and Redbull, I think i’d rather watch 2 x 40 min motos… but thats just my opinion.

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