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JT Dalmation kit is coming back!!

Yep you heard right, the Dalmatian kit is coming back! You’ve probably seen that dealers around the UK have already got this listed on their site. We’ll have all the news when it drops from Decade Europe, who in our opinion have four of the coolest brands on the market currently with 100%, JT Racing, UNIT Clothing and Matrix.

We were lucky enough to be invited recently to the Decade Europe day where we had a sneaky peek at what was coming out. Yep the Dalmatian kit was hanging there and pretty sure it was the only kit in the country if not Europe!! Coming from Schoolboy Motocross in the 80’s JT Racing ruled.. and the Dalmatian and Bad to the Bone kits were some of the coolest.

Have a look through our gallery below, unfortunately we can’t show the Dalmatian kit yet, but soon as we get the green light i’ll get it added straight away!

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