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Jeffrey Herlings To Race Qatar

The defending MX2 champion will be in Qatar to commence the MX2 World Championship despite
his injuries.

After tweeting yesterday about having a big crash at Lommel and potentially wrecking his season,
Herlings visited doctors today and will be on the gate this weekend.

Herlings tweeted: “Sorry for the late update. Made my way to Qatar. Knee pretty bad damages and
my leg is really badly bruised. Will try to make best of it. Definitely won’t fight for win. Top five in
MX2 is my goal if I can make it to the gate anyway. 2 more days to heal up…will be in big pain.”

It is not the first time Herlings has went to a race injured after getting involved in a car crash in
Russia and racing the Czech GP a couple of weeks later with injured ribs.

This time though, Herlings only has a couple of days to recover.

Of course it is hard to know just how serious it is as Herlings isn’t adverse to using mind games.

Either way you look at it, the rest of the field have just a little more motivation now to go for the win
and perhaps the championship.

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