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Jeff Emig – “I’m not Ezra Lusk, ok?!”

MX Vice had a great day at the Ricky Carmichael University when it hit the UK this week at FatCat Moto Parc. Of course it wasn’t just Ricky himself who was over from the States to pass on his knowledge, he also brought his buddies – Jeff Emig and Jeff Stanton to help out along with ‘the locals’ – Jamie Dobb and Tommy Searle.

Catching up with the Yanks was a too good of an opportunity to miss, so we sat down with ‘Fro Daddy’ Emig to find out more about his TV work, his association with Shift and the reality ‘bite’ when he realised his career was over. All very interesting, which you’ll soon find out when you click the play button below.

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