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Jake Nicholls Injured

Wednesday 14th February:

Fortunately, we have some positive news to report about Jake Nicholls and his recent injury! It looks like it was not as bad as he originally thought, judging by his latest statement:

“Good news, MRI showed nothing more complicated than the fracture and I can ride a couple times before Qatar all going well.”

Monday 10th February:

Hi guys, I crashed 6 days ago while out riding in Spain and the bike landed on my back. I had X-rays in Spain and the Dr there said all was ok and I was just bashed up. 3 days later I was still in a lot of pain, so I came home for more checks to be sure. This evening my local specialist confirmed that I have a L3 vertebra Transverse process fracture, and I’ll be lucky to ride before Qatar… Scans tomorrow for more specific info! Gutted

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