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Jackpot Jack takes Victory at the LG Arena

On Saturday evening the Maxxis Kawasaki by LPE team headed to the third round of the Arenacross UK Championship at the LG Arena in Birmingham. With Jack Brunell and Gordon Crockard both returning to UK action after a busy break from the Championship action.

During the morning practice and qualifying sessions both riders produced some good lap times and settled into a good rhythm. Jack produced a stunning lap time to top the timing sheets while Gordon finished seventh in the same group.

The evening show started with both riders competing in the opening heat and it started well with Jack quickly moving into the lead and controlling the race from the front, while Gordon rode a solid race to finish in sixth place.

The second race of the evening for Gordon would see him suffer a bad start and then a number of small mistakes as his went on to finish eight and have to go into the LCQ. Jack’s second race would see another stunning race as he worked his way to the front and took the flag.

The LCQ race saw Gordon make a strong start and running in second place, which would have seen the Irish star transfer to the final, when on the last lap and with less than 100 yards of the race left Gordon lost the front and slipped off and out of the final.

Next up was the Head to Head races and with Championship points and £500 on the line, Jack worked his way into the final against Adam Chatfield and after a solid short race Jack took the win, along with the cash and points.

The final race of the night was the main event 18 lap final and Jack produced the goods out of the gate to take the holeshot award. From that point onwards Jack pounded out consistent lap times and pulled a gap on the rest of the field on the way to a well deserved race win. The race win sees the Championship standing close up going into the final round next weekend at Liverpool.

Gordon Crockard
The LCQ I had like 50 metres left and I would have crossed the line in second place but in an attempt to secure second I had a good run through the whoops and lost control at the end and crashed and missed the main. The other races were good enough and on this track nobody made a lot of mistakes. Tonight I have been a bit tired and lacking energy after being busy working at my training schools in Spain and only returning yesterday. This track has been a real challenge and hopefully the track in Liverpool will be more kind and I can get a good result.

Jack Brunell
This weekend has been amazing, I got on the bike in practice and everything clicked. In timed practice I put in some mega laps and I was half a second faster. In the first heat I got a good start and took the win. The second heat race I didn’t make the best start but I came back to win. Then the Head to Head I don’t normally like but I managed to win and claim a point back on Adam. Then in the final I took the holeshot money and led every single lap of the 18 laps and it just proves that I’m getting there and now there is a battle on next weekend for the Championship.

Steve James
Tonight has been fantastic and just what we needed after the last few weeks it was quiet emotional when Jack crossed the finish line in the final. I was so happy both for Jack and the whole team and

fair play to Jack he was unbeaten tonight winning everything, both heat races, the Head to Head, the holeshot and the Final, what more can you do. He has worked hard today to put himself back in with a chance of the title and his hard work paid off, but I feel for Gordon tonight though as he is feeling a bit under the weather and flew into do this race after being busy with his training camps. He gave it everything and will be back again in Liverpool and hopefully have a better night. I want to say a big thank you to the team members and to all the sponsors, Maxxis, Kawasaki, L.P.E Ltd, Henderson Insurance, Truck Links, Apico, Pro Circuit, Spiral GFX, Renthal, CI Sport and all the rest of the teams sponsors each and everyone of them, as without them we couldn’t do this. I’d also like to thank all my family and friends for coming out and supporting the team and riders tonight I’m just pleased we were able to put on a good show for them. We now go to Liverpool with a title fight on our hands and even though it is going to be very hard to win it with Adam riding so well we will do everything we can to help Jack win the Championship. See you all there.

Pro Championship Standings

1 Adam Chatfield 59
2 Jack Brunell 51
3 Neville Bradshaw 47
4 Tom Church 41
5 Carl Nunn 38
6 Martin Barr 36
7 Cyrille Coulon 33
8 Stuart Edmonds 29
9 Charles LeFrancois 26
10 Mickael Musquin 26 

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