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MX1 Race 2

Cairoli Wins, Pourcel 2nd and take the Overall… Desalle, De Dyker, Bobby, Paulin, Strijbos, Phillipaerts, Gonclaves, Ferris, Karro, Boissiere, Boog, Soubreyas…..ALFIE SMITH 18th!!

Last Lap for Cairoli…

1 min and 2 laps left, paulin up to 6th after catching Strijbos.

Alfie Smith now up to 18th…

9 mins and 2 laps left… Cairoli leads by nearly 3 seconds…

Alfie Smith in 19th at the moment.. In the points!

Lap 8

Cairoli, Pourcel, edsalle, De Dyker, Bobby, Strijbos, Phillipaerts, paulin, Karro, S Pourcel, Goncalves, Ferris

Simpson down…and out. paulin up to 10th. Great to see Karro going well in 8th.

Simpson and Paulin went down in the first turn…

Cairoli holeshots and leads… Pourcel 2nd, De Dyker, Desalle, Strijbos, S Pourcel, Bobby

MX2 Race 2

Well hes done it again.. herlings wins, searle with a great 2nd, leib who led the race up to 3 laps to go took 3rd and 2nd overall on the day.

2 laps to go, searle up to 2nd! herlings leads, leib 3rd…

Searle up to 4th!!!

Searle up to 5th!! anstie 8th, pocock 9th

Anstie in 7th, Searle now in 10th…

Nicholls out, such a shame, he was going really well… Not sure on the injury. I thought he stalled it but it looks like he went down…

Nicholls has just stalled in a corner… was in 4th..

Searle up to 18th, Herlings up to 6th…

Monster Energy Yamaha (Dixon) Leib has taken the lead!!!

Searle 30th after his pile up on the start…

Van Horebeek leading, Leib 2nd, Nichols 3rd, Butron 4th

Searle down on the start and the rest of the riders pile up!

MX 1 Race 1

Great ride for Simpson in 8th..

pourcel take the win with a pass 2 corners from the chequered flag! Mental… Race came alive in the last 2 laps….!!

Cairoloi 3rd.

Last Lap and its all Paulin and Pourcel…

Pourcel stall 2 laps to go, Paulin takes the lead!!

17 laps down.. 2 more to go..

Pourcel still leading, Paulin 2nd, Cairoli, Desalle, Bobby, Boog, Phillapaerts

Pourcel and paulin starting to panic a little…

13 mins and 2 laps left… Cairoli catching Paulin and Pourcel…

Same as below…. Cairoli is on the charge though…Go TC, lets light this race up…

Lap 8

Pourcel, paulin, cairoli, Desalle, Bobryshev, Phillapaerts, De Dyker, Soubeyras, , Boog, Simpson,

Shaun Simpson in 9th at the moment…

Lap 4

Pourcel, paulin, Soubeyras, Cairoli, Desalle, Bobyreshev

Pourcel takes paulin  for the lead…Soubeyras 3rd… France 1,2,3!

Pourcel Holeshot, Soubeyras, Cairoli, Paulin

MX 2 Race 1..

Race overview.

Searle got boxed in on the start, managed to get his way up to 8th before a crash.. seconds later Roelents crashed in 3rd. Not a good start for Tommy or Joel. Jake Nichols rode a great race pushing his way up to 4th

Herlings takes the win… Van Horebeek 2nd.. Leib 3rd place Nichols 4th.

3 laps left…

Lap 16

Herlings, Van Horebeek, Leib, Nichols, Ferrandis, Kullas, Butron, Tixier, Charlier, Larsen

Lap 14 Searle and Roelents both down…Roelents big Crash… Leib up to 3rd…

Lap 11..

Herlings, Van Horebeek, Roelents, Leib, Ferrandis, Nichols, Kullas, Larsen, Searle, Butron, Charlier, Tixier, Tonkov, Anstie

Roelents up to 3rd…

Lap 10

Roelents up to 5th! Searle has come through from 25th to 10th!!

Michael Leib, over from the US filling in for Zach Osbourne, now pushing Nichols… Leib was riding a 2 year old Honda back in the US…

Lap 8..

Herlings 1.6 seconds ahead of Van Horebeek, Ferrandis just in front of Nichols… Searle up to 11th.

Pocock out..

Herlings 1st, Van Horebeek, Ferrandis, Nichols, Leib, Roelents after 7 laps…


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