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We’ve always been one to support the grass roots here at MX Vice and, over the past five years, have worked hard to make sure that everyone’s story can be told. Hey, just because you’re not winning doesn’t mean you’re not putting in as much work as the guy in first place! We know that only a handful of riders in UK are in a position that allows them to focus on building a career in the sport they love.

For the first time in a long time, we have a budget (yes, a real budget) at MX Vice and the resources to follow the youth and amateur riders around the country. There are some great clubs and championships out there; we want to work with all of them and make sure they get as much exposure as possible through our site and magazine. So, as well as covering the elite series around the world, we are also going to put a lot of effort and resources into providing amateur championships with coverage. We’ll be covering AMCA, Judd Racing Premier Cup, BSMA Nationals, MX Nationals, British Youth Nationals, 22MX championship, Scott Nationals and British Masters rounds, plus many more individual grass root events.

What can you expect? Well, we are going to cover each round with a written race report, interviews and a gallery. We’ll also have videos of some events, as well as class specific videos. We’ll let you guys know what events are coming up, so that you can get yourself booked in and don’t miss out on the best races that are going on around the UK.

Let’s face it, youth and amateur are the grass roots of the sport we love. It’s important, as media, that we support these riders to the fullest. Who knows, one of the 85 champions this year could end up being the next Shaun Simpson or Tommy Searle! We want to make sure you come along for that journey. We won’t just focus on the UK either, as we’ll have reports from the youth world championship, Loretta Lynn’s and national championships around Europe.

We’ll make sure that the amateur riders in the AMCA get coverage, but we also hope to help the people who are looking to get back into the sport they love after a sabbatical. To be able to achieve this we needed a considerable amount of support, and we couldn’t have put this section together without and all their help!

Words: Scott Gower | Image: Gemma James

MX Vice Editor || 25

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