Vlaanderen speaks out

Calvin Vlaanderen was involved in a horrific crash at the start of the second race at round one of the Dutch Masters, which sparked some debate on social media. A handful of riders were collected in the melee, namely Ben Watson, so obviously onlookers began to point fingers.

Calvin Vlaanderen, a new recruit at Team HRC, has now released a statement though and claimed that it was nothing more than a racing incident. “It’s funny how everyone is blaming @BenWatsonMX for this. It’s a racing incident and it happens. Glad we both not seriously injured and can battle on the track next weekend,” Vlaanderen said in a caption to the photo that can be viewed below. It’s obvious that they both got tangled up pretty good!

Speaking of Watson, did his poor result in the second encounter have anything to do with this? It appears that the answer is no, as he confirmed in a team statement that he got stuck off track. “In the start of the second heat I got involved in a crash with a few riders,” he explained. “I came back to the front and seemed to be on my way to the top three, but then I made a small mistake on the tabletop and got stuck in a lot of mud along the track. But my riding was pretty good.”

Words: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: Honda Racing Corporation

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