Vice Poll: MX1 Winner

The countdown to the Maxxis British Championship opener begins and, before we start to uncover our various previews, we have a simple question to ask. Who do you think is going to win the MX1 overall at Lyng? Everyone has their favourite, of course, but a majority of fans seem to be split between Shaun Simpson and Tommy Searle. Shaun took three motos win in Norfolk last year and won the overall in 2014 also, but Searle wasn’t competing. Could #100 be the man to stop Simpson’s streak of Lyng victories?

All you have to pick your winner below and, hey, why not join in on the conversation on our social media and let us know who you picked! We’ll enter everyone who let’s us know who they picked on Facebook or Twitter into a draw to win a ViceLife t-shirt! The floor is yours…

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