Tracks: Supercross in 2019

The Monster Energy Supercross series is really not far away at all now. The off-season may have just begun, but round one is only two months away. So, bearing that in mind, it is hardly surprising that Feld Motorsports have released the track maps for the upcoming season. All of those can be viewed below. Daytona is obviously missing, as it is not promoted by Feld.

Round 1: Anaheim 1
Round 2: Glendale
Round 3: Anaheim 2
Round 4: Oakland
Round 5: San Diego
Round 6: Minneapolis
Round 7: Arlington
Round 8: Detroit
Round 9: Atlanta
Round 10: Daytona

TBC. The track map for Daytona will be released at a later date.

Round 11: Indianapolis
Round 12: Seattle
Round 13: Houston
Round 14: Nashville
Round 15: Denver
Round 16: East Rutherford
Round 17: Las Vegas

Words: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: 

MX Vice Editor || 25