Thank you.. MX Large.

It’s come to our attention today, to our surprise MX Large opted to praise the work of MX Vice. I would personally like to thank Geoff from MX Large for recognising the work we are doing for British Motocross. We started out as a hobby site in December 2010 with around 100 cult followers and its now grown to 17,000 unique monthly visitors and around 77k on social.

MX Large is a site that I have always appreciated and hoped one day to emulate, as they have always been the leading website and digital publication on GP news in Europe (In my honest opinion). Also like us, Geoff has always been upfront by giving actual visitor stats for the site and downloads not over inflated bullshit. 

As mentioned in my last Blog I have made a few mistakes along the way, but how are you supposed to push the boundaries and try new things if you don’t know what works and what doesn’t? I can guarantee one thing…i’ll be making a few more!

We will have some very positive news in November for our 3 year anniversary and we’ll be detailing our plans for the next 12 months for MX Vice. As always our ears are open and anything we could be doing better let us know, anything you would like to see on MX Vice make us aware.

One thing that we probably won’t do this year is the Dirt Bike Show unfortunately as an exhibitor, as the budget will not stretch that far. We’ll obviously attend to help promote the event and all the manufacturers, brands, teams, associations etc.

Just like to say thanks to all the other ‘addicted to motocross’ people out there, that make us feel normal loving the sport as much as we do 🙂 and thanks again to MX Large and Geoff for mentioning us.

James Burfield
Chief Dreamer

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