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In recent years, Taylor Congdon has produced multiple popular motocross movies. Honestly, if you have not seen any of the ‘Moto’ movies, you have to get on iTunes, and download one of the five installments as soon as you are finished reading this piece! Moto 5 The Movie (the most recent film) was released on Tuesday, and most fans have already seen it! In my mind, Moto 5 is undoubtedly the best film that Congdon, and The Assignment have produced so far – they have raised the bar, yet again.

Interestingly, Moto 5 was shown in a handful of theatres around the USA prior to the release date. I cannot begin to imagine how cool it would be to see the film on the big screen, whilst you are surrounded by a bunch of hardcore fans. Unfortunately, it is something that we just do not get in the UK. Clearly, the sport is embraced across the pond. There were seven stops on this little tour, and all of which were packed, it seems. It shows how large the Moto movie franchise is now.

When Moto the Movie (the first Moto movie) was released, the off-road scene was a big part of the film, as most segments featured some of the GNCC guys. Recently, they have begun to move away from this. But, they have also stayed true to their roots. In my opinion, they have found the perfect mix now; the latest installment features some of the greatest professional motocross riders, as well as a couple of off-road segments with Ronnie Renner, and Kyle Redmond, to name a few.

Actually, I believe these features were some of the most intriguing. Whether it was watching them launch off of a steep rock face, holding it pinned through sand dunes or watching Tyler Bereman throwing some whips in the hills; it was quite impressive. Although we have seen a few videos of these environments in the past – we have never seen them in this quality. This is another thing that we don’t have access to over here, so it is cool to see them get creative. I know that those off-road segments aren’t the most popular, but I think that it breaks it up nicely; it is cool to see something different, as well.

So, which segment was my favourite? I really enjoyed the Adam Cianciarulo section; it was a cool look into what goes on at the RV farm. In the opening clips, I couldn’t believe how good the track looked! Like AC put it, “heaven on earth” would best describe the farm. One of the scenes that left me speechless was his slow motion scrub; that was amazing! It was odd that there was not much footage of RV, despite it being shot at his farm. It’s just something that I thought was a bit weird. The Josh Cachia, Zach Osborne, and Cooper Webb segments were a few of my favourites, as well – they all bring something different to the film.

Really, the experience that Moto 5 The Movie offers is something very unique. Not only are the areas filmed breathtaking, the viewpoints explored are exceptional. By using products like the heli-cam, they have managed to revolutionize the way motocross is filmed. Moto 5 has quite a lot of positives, including big names in the sport, a stellar soundtrack, and thorough interviews with the riders. Quite simply, Moto 5 has everything that you could want from a motocross movie, hence why it is so popular around the world.

If you are looking to get a copy of Moto 5 The Movie, you can order one from the MotoX Cinema website, or get a copy off of iTunes, which is undoubtedly the quickest (and probably less expensive) option. On iTunes, you can get the HD version for just ten pounds, which is a small price to pay for something that is so unique. I just hope that the Moto the Movie franchise will live on for many years to come.

Words by Lewis Phillips

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