Rowe Seals The Deal

With the penultimate round of the SWOR Championships taking place at Whiteway Barton today, what better way to start a Sunday than glorious sunshine, a healthy crowd and the prospect of some nail biting racing. With another double points round at stake the air was filled with high levels of nerves, excitement and anticipation.

Junior 1 were to start the days proceedings and after a mixed bag of results rider Sean Breen emerged as first overall. Achieving a second, eighth, and first in his three races, Breen left for home with a big smile and a well deserved trophy for his efforts. Dean Liddle and Max Sandford also riding well today also finished their day out with trophies for second and third overall.

Next up were the Inter 9-13 Group. Matthew Treen was the rider in form here and helped himself to three very healthy wins. Treen breezed through each race with an air of confidence leaving the chasing riders in his wake.

Louis Thomas and Thomas Townrow claimed second and third places in each race, but with consistent riding throughout the championship Brent Harris was to score enough points today to take the Inter 9-13 2013 Championship.

Rob Bassett leading the charge for the Junior Open inched forward again by winning two of his three races and managed a second place in race three. Ian Barnett was the one to deny Bassett his total triumph today by winning race three, thus making sure that Bassett has to battle to the bitter end  to try and secure the title with Lee Jackson remaining hot on his heals in the standings.

Winning in an extreme fashion was guest rider Dan Mundell in the Inter 14-16 group. Mundell quite literally obliterated the pack of chasing riders finishing each race over a minute ahead of second place rider Tim Moran.

However with Mundell not riding for Championship points Moran, who claimed second in all three races, was to claim the bounty of points available seeing him back on the top spot for the title. Reagan West leading the Championship until today has all the work to do in the final round and needs to win at least one race and outscore Moran in the other  two races to stand any chance of winning the title from Moran.

Another group leaving us with a nail biting final round to come is the Seniors. The two contenders fighting for the Championship, Ferris and Teenan, provided the crowd with an inspiring trio of races. First blood went to Teenan winning race one after Ferris was caught up in a second corner pile up and could only manage to fight his way back to eleventh place, but in true fashion of this very determined rider, Ferris was not going to rest on his laurels and came back to win race two. With Teenan taking the victory again in race three and Ferris again suffering a poor result, it seems that Teenan is still the rider with it all to do in the final round if he is to stand any chance of over hauling Ferris’s lead.

Finally leaving the best to last Tyremarks team rider Mike Rowe successfully finished his seasons championship challenge by taking the Expert Championship 2013 title today.

After a monumental battle with fellow rider Luke Hill, Rowe emerged victorious taking a narrow win in race one. The two riders were so close at one point you could hear the gasps of nervous excitement from the on looking crowd.

Race two was to follow the same format as guest rider Hill shot off from the start and was to establish a healthy lead. Rowe finding himself back in fourth place at this point, slowly made his way through  until once again he was snapping away at the rear Tyre of Hill. After a few more corners Rowe made the move on Hill and, once in front Rowe was taking no chances and opened up a commanding lead before taking the chequered flag for the second time. From Rowes point of view race three was a little more relaxed and he was happy to settle for third place . Ben Butler, Rowes nearest Championship rival, was to take a very good win in race three, but it was a case of too little too late as Rowe punched the air as he finished, knowing the title was secured.

With two of the six championship titles settled the final round in four weeks time still leaves us with some exciting battles to come. Who will emerge victorious still remains to be seen.

Report and Photograph by N.Tidridge

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