Round 13 of the Whiterose Muk Junkie Summer Series

Connor Walks the Common

White Rose MXC (ORPA)

16th September 2012

Gale Common

Photographs: Alex Daniels

Race Report:  Ian Lessiter

Round 13 of the Whiterose Muk Junkie Summer Series saw a visit to Gale Common Moto Parc just off the M62 near Pontefract.  With a bumper entry of over 200 riders and glorious weather on the Saturday the stage was set for Sunday`s racing, after some intense Water Bowser action late on Saturday night!

Connor Walkley proved too strong in the Expert / A class, taking three good wins from three for the overall win. Ryan Bruce produced a good consistant ride with three second places for second on the day with three third places for Lee Harrison giving him third overall.

In the B class, Josh Bentley’s two race wins gave him the overall victory ahead of Morgan Seddon in second place and Dan Wainwright in third overall.

In the C Championship class, Lee Rutherford furthered his chance of a Championship win, with another three wins from three and the overall win on the day. Mattie Roberst fourth place and two thirds gave him second on the day with Josh Cranfield taking third spot.

In the second novice class, three straight wins gave Jason Jones the overall victory ahead of Jake Major and Thomas Binks.

Two first places and a third was enough for Josh Cadman to take the overall win in the Youth Open class. Callum Wardman rode well and took second overall with Ashley Powell taking third on the day.

Jack Naylor again dominated the BW 85 class with a great three wins from three. Eddie Remmer took second overall with three good second places and Robert Ainley took third overall.

Two first places and a second gave the overall victory in the SW 85 class to Drew Roe. A first second and third gave Ben Ruddick second overall with Ben Knight taking third overall

Three wins from three was the order of the day in the 65 class also, with Patrick Jackson riding well to take the overall. Kian Collingwood’s two second places and a third gave him second overall, with Jonty Wright taking third.

In the busy Auto class, three straight wins gave Jonty Wright the overall win. A second place and two thirds gave Oliver Woods second overall, with Ben Clarke taking third spot.


1. Jonty Wright
2. Oliver Woods
3. Ben Clarke
4. Kyle Peel
5. Ryley Ferguson
6. Mitch Armour
7. Luke Batty
8. Kieran Danby
9. Samuel Jackson
10. Tobias G Richardson


1. Patrick Jackson (in picture)
2. Kian Collingwood
3. Jonty Wright
4. Harvey Ward
5. Ethan Cooper
6. Jack Grayshon
7. Logan Wilcox
8. Elliot Barrass
9. Charlie Boiston
10. William Clare

SW 85
1. Drew Roe
2. Ben Ruddick
3. Ben Knight
4. Thomas Dodsworth
5. Patrick Jackson
6. Jonty Wright
7. Jack Grayshon
8. Cain Tailford
9. Jack Bennett
10. Tom Haddock

BW 85
1. Jack Naylor
2. Eddie Remmer
3. Robert Ainley
4. Aaron Roe
5. Callum Hirst
6. Danny Boj
7. Curt Moore
8. Hollie Hirst
9. Ellie Sleightholm
10. Drew Larcombe

1. Josh Cadman
2. Callum Wardman
3. Ashley Powell
4. Luke Atkinson
5. Jack Hills
6. Kurtis Williams
7. Callum Whaling
8. Josh Seymour
9. Ben James
10. Ryan Hawkridge

1. Jason Jones
2. Jake Major
3. Thomas Binks
4. Dale Parkinson
5. Eddie Rushforth
6. Eric Danby
7. Sam Goldthorpe
8. Brandon Jardine
9. Mathew Middleton
10. Glenn Ward

C Championship
1. Lee Rutherford
2. Mattie Roberts
3. Josh Cranfield
4. Steve Short
5. Eddie Rushforth
6. Jonathon Knowles
7. Ross Milner
8. Marcus Flounders
9. M Nicholson
10. Simon Taylor

1. Joshua B
2. Morgan Seddon
3. Dan Wainwright
4. James Walker
5. Ben Askew
6. Kevin Crouthers
7. Damon Smith
8. Scott Hemsworth
9. Josh Mieszczak
10. Tom Doughty


1. Connor Walkely (in picture)
2. Ryan Bruce
3. Lee Harrison
4. Oliver Brunkill
5. Adam Smith
6. Lee Harris
7. Dale Brockhurst
8. Karl Myers
9. Matty Colwill
10. Gareth Smart

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