Road Trip with Jordan Booker

We caught up with JB114 this week to see how is winter training was coming along. Jordan is spending the next month in California to get away from the UK weather and get some time on the bike!

Jordans Blog…

So, every winter I fly out to California for or a month or so to escape the English weather, and to get some good quality bike time done before the season starts. This year, myself, my mechanic Gary and his son Danny, my Dad and my brother Aaron flew out on the 27th of December and landed in “La La Land” late on tuesday night.

After a 5am start thanks to the 8 hour jet lag, we started the day by going to pick up my brand new 2012 Honda crf250 and got it ready to ride! Gary worked throughout the day getting the bike ready to go. We brought our own suspension over, along with a set of bars and a pipe, so the bike was just like my practice bike back at home. My brother still had an 85 left out here from last year, so by the end of the day we were both gagging to ride!

We woke up thursday morning to perfectly clear blue skies, and it was about 80 degrees, so I couldn’t wait to get on the bike! We all jumped into the van and headed out to Milestone to have a nice day breaking the new bike in. It had been almost a month since I last rode, so I felt a little bit special for a few laps, but I soon got back into the swing of things. I also had to break in some brand new Donjoy braces and Alpinestar boots, so everything was a little stiff at first, but after a couple of sessions everything was perfect. I managed to finish the day by putting a couple of good short sessions in, and started to feel pretty good on the bike again.

On Friday we drove down south a bit to the very famous Lake Elsinore track. The track shut down a year ago, and it was rumoured never to open again. Which is why I was so shocked when we drove in to a completely new facility. The amount of money and time they must have put into building this place would be unreal! A perfect track layout outlined with white fences, and small lakes everywhere… what more could a rider ask for!? It was cool to see some familiar faces when we turned up too. Tommy Searle and Adam Chatfield were already out putting in some laps, while Mel Pocock stood around spectating waiting for when he gets a bike to ride. It was cool to do a bit of riding with Adam and Tommy for a bit of fun. The track was pretty busy with 65’s and 85’s scattered all over the place, so it was best to take the day as another easy day getting back into it.

The next day was New Years eve, so we got up nice and early and drove out to Perris at 8am for another day of riding. When we arrived there was only a few people there, and the track was prepped absolutely perfectly, so I got straight out onto the track and put in some good motos. After a good morning of riding, we headed back to the hotel and went for a quick swim, before getting ourselves ready to head down to San Diego for the big Red Bull New Years No Limits jump.

We drove on down to San Diego, with no map, no address and no idea where to go! After stopping and asking a few people for directions, we finally found ourselves at the Embarcadero sea front. It was pretty hard to miss once you got close, as the whole sky was lit up like daylight from all of the spotlights. After ages of driving around looking for somewhere to park, we walked out towards the sea front. The first thing we came across was the big Nitro Circus rig, with all of the crew signing autographs. So obviously, it would have been rude not to wait in line and get some pictures taken with Travis and of course the lovely Jolene!! My mechanic Gary was like a kid in a sweet shop, he was so pumped to meet Travis! After we were done there, we took our time and walked on down to where the jump was taking place. Watching this kind of stuff on TV just doesn’t give it any justice at all, you really have to be there to appreciate just how big everything is, the jump was massive! We managed to find a seat on some rocks on the waterfront, and patiently waited about 3 hours in the freezing cold! As the night went on, the fog seemed to come in thicker and thicker, and we were all starting to get pretty worried that they might call it off. But as the time came for Robbie and Levi to do there thing, the fog soon lifted and they were ready to go. We all anxiously waited as they did there test runs, and then they went for it… It was pretty cool to be there and witness something like that right up close. It was probably the best way to spend New Years eve, and i ended up actually going to bed by about 11 haha.

Its Sunday now, and were taking a day off from riding. I think the plan is to just chill out and get my tan on in the California sunshine!
Speak to you all next week, and I wish a happy new year to everyone!


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