Results Round Up: #32

What a weekend! It really is a great time to be a motocross fan, as there was a lot of superb racing going on around the world. What went on exactly? Well, find out here, as we have results from the UK, Belgium, Canada and Australia.

FIM Motocross World Championship, Round Fifteen: Lommel

MXGP Overall Classification:

1st Antonio Cairoli (1-1)
2nd Ken de Dycker (4-2)
3rd Shaun Simpson (3-3)
4th Gautier Paulin (2-4)
5th Kevin Strijbos (5-8)
6th Marc de Reuver (10-5)
7th Dean Ferris (9-7)
8th Jeremy van Horebeek (7-9)
9th Tyla Rattray (8-10)
10th Steven Frossard (13-6)

MXGP Series Standings:

1st Antonio Cairoli (669 points)
2nd Jeremy van Horebeek (588 points)
3rd Kevin Strijbos (498 points)
4th Clement Desalle (484 points)
5th Shaun Simpson (365 points)
6th Steven Frossard (356 points)
7th Max Nagl (307 points)
8th Gautier Paulin (275 points)
9th Davide Guarneri (245 points)
10th David Philippaerts (234 points)

MX2 Overall Classification:

1st Max Anstie (1-2)
2nd Jordi Tixier (3-1)
3rd Dylan Ferrandis (2-3)
4th Romain Febvre (4-4)
5th Tim Gajser (8-6)
6th Aleksandr Tonkov (7-7)
7th Glenn Coldenhoff (6-10)
8th Valentin Guillod (9-8)
9th Pauls Jonass (5-12)
10th Petar Petrov (11-9)

MX2 Series Standings:

1st Jeffrey Herlings (594 points)
2nd Jordi Tixier (537 points)
3rd Romain Febvre (489 points)
4th Dylan Ferrandis (467 points)
5th Tim Gajser (448 points)
6th Arnaud Tonus (389 points)
7th Valentin Guillod (379 points)
8th Aleksandr Tonkov (363 points)
9th Jose Butron (337 points)
10th Jeremy Seewer (301 points)

EMX250 Overall Classification:

1st Brian Bogers (3-2)
2nd Calvin Vlaanderen (1-5)
3rd Adam Sterry (2-4)
4th Nick Kouwenberg (7-1)
5th Brent van Doninck (4-3)
6th Steven Clarke (5-6)
7th Arminas Jasikonis (9-9)
8th Fredrik van der Vlist (6-12)
9th Ken Bengtson (12-8)
10th Ben Watson (14-7)

EMX250 Series Standings:

1st Steven Clarke (237 points)
2nd Brian Bogers (237 points)
3rd Adam Sterry (214 points)
4th Brent van Doninck (208 points)
5th Ben Watson (197 points)
6th Thomas Kjer Olson (169 points)
7th Sullivan Jaulin (161 points)
8th Calvin Vlaanderen (161 points)
9th Michele Cervellin (150 points)
10th Ceriel Klein Kromhof (131 points)

EMX125 Overall Classification:

1st Alvin Ostlund (1-1)
2nd Brian Hsu (3-3)
3rd Bas Vaessen (2-6)
4th Cyril Genot (4-4)
5th Miro Sihvonen (6-5)
6th Max Engelen (5-7)
7th Hardi Roosiorg (7-10)
8th Ivan Baranov (40-2)
9th Nathan Renkens (8-13)
10th William Andersson (14-8)

EMX125 Series Standings:

1st Brian Hsu (268 points)
2nd Alvin Ostlund (252 points)
3rd Davy Pootjes (216 points)
4th David Herbreteau (181 points)
5th Tomass Sileika (177 points)
6th Jason Furbetta (168 points)
7th Dan Houzet (123 points)
8th Max Engelen (115 points)
9th Michael Ivanov (102 points)
10th Cyril Genot (97 points)

EMX300 Overall Classification:

1st Mike Vanderstraeten (3-1)
2nd Lewis Gregory (2-2)
3rd Samuele Bernardini (1-6)
4th Kenny Vandueren (4-3)
5th Sven Scheynen (6-4)
6th Marco Maddii (5-7)
7th Tom van Grinsven (9-9)
8th Joey Smet (8-10)
9th Stephane Watel (12-8)
10th Ronny van Hove (13-11)

EMX300 Series Standings:

1st Samuele Bernardini (325 points)
2nd Marco Maddii (281 points)
3rd Lewis Gregory (276 points)
4th Kenny Vandueren (176 points)
5th Stephane Watel (173 points)
6th Michele Cencioni (158 points)
7th Txomin Arana (143 points)
8th Bence Szvoboda (106 points)
9th Jean Loup Lepan (101 points)
10th Toms Macuks (94 points)

EMX150 Overall Classification:

1st Jere Haavisto (1-1)
2nd Albie Wilkie (3-2)
3rd Rick Elzinga (2-3)
4th Shana van der Vlist (4-4)
5th Damian Bergevoet (7-5)
6th Tatu Junnola (10-6)
7th Albin Larsen (8-8)
8th Keegan Hickson Mahony (5-12)
9th Brian Van Der Klij (12-7)
10th Quentin Delbrassinne (11-10)

EMX150 Series Standings:

1st Albie Wilkie (222 points)
2nd Jere Haavisto (220 points)
3rd Albin Larsen (158 points)
4th Matias Murto (135 points)
5th Tatu Junnola (135 points)
6th Quentin Delbrassinne (122 points)
7th Damian Bergevoet (120 points)
8th Brian Van Der Klij (113 points)
9th Rick Elzinga (89 points)
10th Max Erlandsson (88 points)

MX Nationals, Round Five: Canada Heights

MX1 Overall Classification:

1st Kristian Whatley (1-1-2)
2nd Brad Anderson (2-2-1)
3rd Nathan Watson (3-4-3)
4th Graeme Irwin (6-3-4)
5th Jamie Law (4-7-5)
6th Martin Barr (5-6-7)
7th Tony Craig (7-8-8)
8th Gary Gibson (10-10-9)
9th Patrick Major (11-9-10)
10th Shane Carless (8-11-11)

MX1 Series Standings:

1st Nathan Watson (326 points)
2nd Kristian Whatley (295 points)
3rd Brad Anderson (271 points)
4th Graeme Irwin (256 points)
5th Jamie Law (200 points)
6th Gert Krestinov (193 points)
7th Shane Carless (176 points)
8th Tony Craig (168 points)
9th Priit Rätsep (154 points)
10th Elliott Banks Browne (131 points)

MX2 Overall Classification:

1st Steven Lenoir (1-1-1)
2nd Bryan Mackenzie (3-2-2)
3rd Neville Bradshaw (2-3-3)
4th Rob Davidson (9-4-4)
5th Lewis Tombs (4-7-5)
6th Jordan Booker (6-5-7)
7th Luke Norris (7-6-6)
8th James Harrison (5-8-11)
9th Jake Millward (8-9-10)
10th Marcus Nilsen (11-10-8)

MX2 Series Standings:

1st Neville Bradshaw (294 points)
2nd Bryan Mackenzie (277 points)
3rd Steven Lenoir (243 points)
4th Jordan Booker (221 points)
5th Lewis Tombs (189 points)
6th Lewis Trickett (162 points)
7th Adam Sterry (155 points)
8th Rob Davidson (155 points)
9th James Harrison (141 points)
10th Jason Dougan (139 points)

Rockstar Energy Motocross Nationals, Round Eight: Riverglade MX Park

MX1 Overall Classification:

1st Mike Alessi (1-1)
2nd Colton Facciotti (2-2)
3rd Bobby Kiniry (3-5)
4th Kyle Chisholm (5-4)
5th Josh Hill (8-3)
6th Teddy Maier (4-6)
7th Tyler Medaglia (7-7)
8th Dylan Klein (6-8)
9th Morgan Burger (9-9)
10th Nathan Bles (11-10)

MX1 Series Standings:

1st Colton Facciotti (340 points)
2nd Mike Alessi (319 points)
3rd Tyler Medaglia (263 points)
4th Josh Hill (258 points)
5th Teddy Maier (247 points)
6th Kyle Chisholm (239 points)
7th Bobby Kiniry (201 points)
8th Dylan Klein (168 points)
9th Morgan Burger (131 points)
10th David Gassin (106 points)

MX2 Overall Classification:

1st Vince Friese (2-2)
2nd Kaven Benoit (1-4)
3rd Jesse Wentland (6-1)
4th Shawn Maffenbeier (3-3)
5th Topher Ingalls (4-5)
6th Liam O’Farrell (5-6)
7th Dylan Wright (7-7)
8th Seth Rarick (10-8)
9th Sylvain Le Gad (9-9)
10th Kyle Swanson (8-10)

MX2 Series Standings:

1st Kaven Benoit (314 points)
2nd Vince Friese (282 points)
3rd Shawn Maffenbeier (266 points)
4th Jesse Wentland (249 points)
5th Topher Ingalls (219 points)
6th Seth Rarick (167 points)
7th Austin Politelli (164 points)
8th Jeremy Medaglia (153 points)
9th Sylvain Le Gad (126 points)
10th Dylan Wright (125 points)

Monster Energy MX Nationals, Round Eight: Raymond Terrace

MX1 Overall Classification:

1st Matt Moss (1-1-2)
2nd Jacob Wright (2-7-1)
3rd Billy Mackenzie (3-2-8)
4th Kirk Gibbs (4-6-4)
5th Kade Mosig (5-4-5)
6th Adam Monea (9-3-6)
7th Hayden Mellross (6-11-7)
8th Sam Martin (10-8-9)
9th Jesse Dobson (8-9-11)
10th Joel Milesevic (11-10-10)

MX1 Series Standings:

1st Matt Moss (653 points)
2nd Kirk Gibbs (613 points)
3rd Billy Mackenzie (571 points)
4th Adam Monea (552 points)
5th Jake Moss (479 points)
6th Kade Mosig (468 points)
7th Jacob Wright (460 points)
8th Hayden Mellross (426 points)
9th Sam Martin (391 points)
10th Brock Winston (375 points)

MX2 Overall Classification:

1st Luke Arbon (9-1-2)
2nd Kale Makeham (2-4-4)
3rd Jay Wilson (7-2-3)
4th Luke Clout (3-11-1)
5th Hamish Harwood (5-6-9)
6th Blake Lilly (8-7-7)
7th Riley Graham (12-8-6)
8th Brendan Harrison (6-3-21)
9th Hamish Dobbyn (1-5-25)
10th Luke Reardon (13-12-12)

MX2 Series Standings:

1st Luke Clout (548 points)
2nd Hamish Harwood (520 points)
3rd Luke Arbon (509 points)
4th Kale Makeham (485 points)
5th Jay Wilson (478 points)
6th Brendan Harrison (464 points)
7th Caleb Ward (441 points)
8th Kayne Lamont (395 points)
9th Errol Willis (372 points)
10th Riley Graham (281 points)

Image: KTM Images/Ray Archer

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