Results Recap: #4

Aren’t we spoilt? Another weekend of exciting action is behind us and, just like there has been most weeks so far this year, there was no shortage of racing! Results from Monster Energy Supercross, ArenacrossUK and Amsoil Arenacross can be found here.

Monster Energy Supercross, Round Four: Oakland

450SX Main Event

1st Trey Canard
2nd Ryan Dungey
3rd Chad Reed
4th Eli Tomac
5th Cole Seely
6th Justin Barcia
7th Davi Millsaps
8th Andrew Short
9th Blake Baggett
10th Jason Anderson
11th Jake Weimer
12th Brett Metcalfe
13th Kyle Chisholm
14th Phil Nicoletti
15th Ken Roczen
16th Vince Friese
17th Fredrik Noren
18th Kyle Partridge
19th Killian Rusk
20th Martin Davalos
21st Josh Grant
22nd Broc Tickle

450SX Series Standings

1st Ryan Dungey (82 points)
2nd Ken Roczen (78 points)
3rd Trey Canard (68 points)
4th Eli Tomac (64 points)
5th Jason Anderson (62 points)
6th Justin Barcia (58 points)
7th Cole Seely (45 points)
8th Davi Millsaps (44 points)
9th Andrew Short (44 points)
10th Chad Reed (42 points)
11th Blake Baggett (40 points)
12th Broc Tickle (39 points)
13th Jake Weimer (36 points)
14th Weston Peick (32 points)
15th Brett Metcalfe (27 points)
16th Dean Wilson (23 points)
17th Mike Alessi (17 points)
18th Kyle Chisholm (16 points)
19th Justin Brayton (14 points)
20th Nick Wey (7 points)
21st Phil Nicoletti (7 points)
22nd Josh Grant (7 points)

250SX Main Event

1st Malcolm Stewart
2nd Cooper Webb
3rd Alex Martin
4th Tyler Bowers
5th Zach Bell
6th Zach Osborne
7th Aaron Plessinger
8th Josh Hansen
9th Justin Hill
10th Jessy Nelson
11th Shane McElrath
12th Zack Freeberg
13th Scott Champion
14th Jackson Richardson
15th Cole Martinez
16th Tommy Hahn
17th Austin Politelli
18th Trevor Reis
19th Brandon Scharer
20th Nico Izzi
21st Chris Alldredge
22nd Aaron Siminoe

250SX Series Standings

1st Cooper Webb (86 points)
2nd Tyler Bowers (78 points)
3rd Jessy Nelson (71 points)
4th Zach Osborne (69 points)
5th Justin Hill (65 points)
6th Malcolm Stewart (64 points)
7th Aaron Plessinger (54 points)
8th Shane McElrath (49 points)
9th Alex Martin (47 points)
10th Josh Hansen (47 points)
11th Zach Bell (40 points)
12th Tommy Hahn (35 points)
13th Michael Leib (25 points)
14th Scott Champion (25 points)
15th Zack Freeberg (24 points)
16th Jackson Richardson (20 points)
17th Matt Bisceglia (18 points)
18th Cole Martinez (18 points)
19th Austin Politelli (16 points)
20th Trevor Reis (9 points)
21st Landen Powell (8 points)
22nd Chris Alldredge (8 points)

ArenacrossUK, Round Four: Birmingham

Pro Main Event

1st Adam Chatfield
2nd Florent Richier
3rd Thomas Ramette
4th Cyrille Coulon
5th Loic Rombaut
6th Neville Bradshaw
7th Angelo Pellegrini
8th Elliott Banks-Browne
9th Harri Kullas
10th Greg Crater
11th Ashley Greedy
12th Franklin Nogueras

Pro Series Standings

1st Thomas Ramette (82 points)
2nd Florent Richier (71 points)
3rd Adam Chatfield (62 points)
4th Angelo Pellegrini (59 points)
5th Harri Kullas (58 points)
6th Elliott Banks-Browne (47 points)
7th Cyrille Coulon (47 points)
8th Romain Biela (41 points)
9th Nev Bradshaw (39 points)
10th Loic Rombaut (34 points)
11th Greg Crater (32 points)
12th Ashley Greedy (31 points)

Rookie Main Event

1st Ollie Osmaston
2nd Frances Beliot
3rd Jordan Moxey
4th John Joe Wright
5th Joele Hart
6th Charlie Putnam
7th Josh Greedy
8th Tony Saunders

Rookie Series Standings

1st Ollie Osmaston (78 points)
2nd John Joe Wright (57 points)
3rd Tony Saunders (54 points)
4th Joe Clayton (52 points)
5th Jimmy Margetson (51 points)
6th Joele Hart (51 points)
7th Jordan Moxey (47 points)
8th Charlie Putnam (41 points)

Big Wheel Main Event

1st Harry Kimber
2nd Jarni Kooij
3rd Jed Etchells
4th Callum Beeken
5th Ethan Etheridge
6th Ben Burridge
7th Archie Osmaston
8th Lee Purcy

Big Wheel Series Standings

1st Harry Kimber (78 points)
2nd Jarni Kooij (69 points)
3rd Archie Osmaston (59 points)
4th Ben Burridge (58 points)
5th Jed Etchells (50 points)
6th Ben Hendrie (35 points)
7th Callum Beeken (15 points)
8th Ethan Etheridge (14 points)

Small Wheel Main Event

1st Preston Williams
2nd Kurt Griffiths
3rd Ben Clayton
4th Trystan Williams
5th Ben White
6th Bobby Bruce
7th Tobius Sammut
8th Buster Hart

Small Wheel Series Standings

1st Kurt Griffiths (78 points)
2nd Preston Williams (74 points)
3rd Bobby Bruce (59 points)
4th Ben Clayton (55 points)
5th Trystan Williams (50 points)
6th Ben White (49 points)
7th Buster Hart (46 points)
8th Jaydon Murphy (43 points)

65 Main Event

1st Raife Broadley
2nd Robert Storer
3rd Jaygo Beasty
4th Bradd-Lee Timmis
5th Tyler Etheridge
6th Morgan Evans
7th Matthew Beattie
8th Matt Tolley

65 Series Standings

1st Raife Broadley (80 points)
2nd Robert Storer (62 points)
3rd Morgan Evans (61 points)
4th Bradd-Lee Timmis (58 points)
5th Callum Clarke (55 points)
6th Matthew Beattie (52 points)
7th Jaygo Beasty (49 points)
8th Tyler Etheridge (47 points)

Amsoil Arenacross, Round Three: Colorado Springs (Friday)

Arenacross Overall Classification

1st Jacob Hayes (2-1)
2nd Gavin Faith (1-3)
3rd Matt Goerke (3-2)
4th Michael McDade (10-5)
5th Steven Mages (5-10)
6th Kyle Regal (12-4)
7th Daniel Herrlein (6-9)
8th Gared Steinke (4-12)
9th Cory Green (12-5)
10th Willy Browning (15-7)

Amsoil Arenacross, Round Three: Colorado Springs (Saturday)

Arenacross Overall Classification

1st Kyle Regal (3-1)
2nd Bobby Kiniry (2-4)
3rd Jacob Hayes (5-2)
4th Matt Goerke (6-3)
5th Travis Sewell (7-5)
6th Chris Blose (1-12)
7th Steven Mages (8-6)
8th Willy Browning (10-7)
9th Michael McDade (4-14)
10th Daniel Herrlein (11-8)

Arenacross Series Standings

1st Matt Goerke (140 points)
2nd Jacob Hayes (128 points)
3rd Kyle Regal (109 points)
4th Steven Mages (105 points)
5th Travis Sewell (99 points)
6th Willy Browning (97 points)
7th Chris Blose (85 points)
8th Bobby Kiniry (85 points)
9th Daniel Herrlein (85 points)
10th Gared Steinke (75 points)

Image: Husqvarna/Simon Cudby

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