Recap: ICYMI This Week

A lot has gone on over the last seven days. There have been a few announcements about new contracts, injury news and some exclusive interviews too. Catch up on everything that has gone on with this convenient weekly feature on MX Vice. The bold text below links to the appropriate story.

The mood in Paris over the weekend was fairly sombre, as Weston Peick had a horrific crash and sustained significant injuries. The best news that has been released so far this week is that he will indeed make a full recovery, something that sounded very unlikely on that night in the stadium, but it will obviously be a very long process. All of the updates that are released are being added to the link above.


Weston Peick has now had two surgeries, but there is more to come.

Jey Crunch

Six riders were featured in the MX Vice podcasts in Paris; Jason Anderson, Zach Osborne, Jordi Tixier, Justin Brayton, Dylan Ferrandis and Justin Hill were all featured and offered up some unique insight. Listening to the interviews really offers up a fresh perspective as well, so it is worth making some time to listen to these. Absorb the information, as there is a lot in here!

Jason Anderson has had an extremely busy month, which has included races in Australasia and Europe. The Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing won both of those, so it was worth the toll on his body, and also spare  time to recap everything in an exclusive MX Vice interview. Anderson also touched on a rather interesting breakthrough that he made in testing, so there is plenty to take from the chat.

Zach Osborne was also quite open in an exclusive MX Vice interview on Sunday in Paris, as he talked about the benefits of racing on this side of the pond in the winter and the differences between the European race and the stereotypical Monster Energy Supercross layout. The interview, which was originally released as a podcast elsewhere on this website, is available on the link above.

In order to keep up with all of the announcements and team changes in the Grand Prix paddock, every new deal is being added to the list that is on the link above. A couple of new deals were announced this week and have now been added to that feature. The one thing to take from the latest news is that premier class is going to be rather stacked when the series hits Europe.


Tim Gajser is a heavy favourite to challenge Jeffrey Herlings next year.

Honda Racing Corporation

Vice Poll: The Next In Line

Who will be the one who poses the biggest challenge Jeffrey Herlings when the 2019 FIM Motocross World Championship fires into life? That question’s a great topic of debate currently and will continue to be until the beginning of March. It was also the subject of the latest poll on MX Vice, which thousands of fans have weighed in on so far. Have your say on who the next in line is!

Chatter Box: Jordi Tixier

This interview with Jordi Tixier started off as a chat about Paris but took an interesting turn when he delved into details about his programme with VHR KTM for next year. It turns out that he is going to receive factory support from KTM and will start testing later than normal. All of that is explained in more detail on the link above, as well as why he is actually racing inside the stadiums.

Words: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: KTM Images/Ray Archer

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