Recap: ICYMI This Week

Now that there is a lot going on within the industry, it is easy to skip past or miss a certain piece of information. This new MX Vice feature will combat that problem, however, as we will run through some of the highlights from the previous week to ensure that you are caught up.

24MX Fantasy Manager: Prizes

Following the 24MX Fantasy Manager announcement earlier this week, the anticipation for the second year of the game has picked up considerably. There is a lot more on the line this time around, you see, as you could potentially take home a couple of thousand pounds in vouchers by the end of the year. Does that sound pretty good? Click the link above for more details.

Full Replay: Riola Sardo

Note: Although a week has been and gone since the first round of the Internazionali D’Italia series took place at Riola Sardo, there is still time to catch up on everything that happened. Jeffrey Herlings may have crashed out right at the beginning of the first moto, much to the dismay of fans across the globe, but the action was still enthralling. We will not spoil it for you though.

Dissected: Riola Sardo

Note: Seeing as so much happened at Riola Sardo, there was plenty to dissect in this regular feature on MX Vice. It was particularly interesting to delve into the lap times that Antonio Cairoli and Max Anstie recorded in the Superfinal, as well as what went on between Hunter Lawrence and Pauls Jonass in the first moto. It was certainly the perfect teaser for the upcoming FIM Motocross World Championship.


Pauls Jonass did not dominate at Riola Sardo, like most expected him to.

KTM Images/S. Taglioni

An Update: Jeffrey Herlings

Note: Jeffrey Herlings crashed out of the first moto at Riola Sardo, as mentioned above, and that caused most fans to panic that he had sustained a season-ending injury. Herlings took to social media to reassure fans that he was fine though. Although that update was shared on MX Vice immediately, a lot of people seem to have missed it. You can read his report on the link above.

Pre-Entry List: HIMX

Note: Who is racing at the Hawkstone International this weekend? Well, it is going to be stacked with high-profile names. Jeffrey Herlings, Max Anstie, Gautier Paulin, Arminas Jasikonis, Tommy Searle and Glenn Coldenhoff are just some of the riders who will take to the historic circuit. If you would like to see the full lists for both classes, the link above will help you out.

Stat Sheet: History of HIMX

Note: Whilst delving into the results from previous races at Hawkstone Park, some intriguing statistics emerged in the premier division. Did you know that Belgian and Dutch riders have dominated the MX1 class more often than not in recent years? How about the fact that there have not been too many British riders on the podium? You can take a closer look at the previous overall results on this link.


Jeffrey Herlings will race a 450F at Hawkstone for the first time this weekend.

KTM Images/S. Taglioni

A Matthes Report: Davi Millsaps

Social Statement: Davi Millsaps

Note: Davi Millsaps announced his retirement earlier this week, which was prompted by the significant concussion that he sustained in the off-season. The news was not much of a shock, with that in mind, but it still caused a lot of fans and insiders to enter a nostalgic phase. Steve Matthes reflected on everything that Millsaps achieved in his career in his regular feature on MX Vice too.

The Quiz: Oakland

Note: A fan-favourite feature on MX Vice. We like to test the hardcore fans by putting together a quiz every Wednesday night, which focusses on the event that took place on the previous weekend. Each one is fairly hard, as most users fail to get full marks. Did you do that this week? Remember to shout about your success on social media.

Words: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: KTM Images/S. Taglioni

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