Pre-Race: Anaheim 2

Another Monster Energy Supercross event is upon us and, funnily enough, it is oddly similar to the two previous rounds. Torrential downpours ensured that the track crew were working against the clock all week, as they attempted to finalise the construction process and cover the circuit before the rain arrived. They were successful, thankfully, but even the covers could not fight off the elements.

This is exactly the situation that we have found ourselves in the past two weeks, but the weather has been a little more taxing this time around. Chalk is being mixed into the soil, just as it was at the season opener, in an attempt to combat that. So, will we have a mudder? I honestly doubt it, as rain is not forecast at all today, but the track will fall apart more than it typically would. The track map is a useful tool if you are attempting to decipher the layout here, although there is a jump missing in the sections that follow turns three and four.

Two rounds may have been and gone, but the days prior to this race may have been the most eventful. A lot of attention will revolve around Malcolm Stewart, of course, as he makes his full-time 450SX debut aboard a RIDE365 Stewart Racing Suzuki. An exclusive interview that we nabbed with the reigning 250SX East champion earlier this week offers some insight into his programme, so we would recommend that you give it a read once you are done here.


Justin Bogle is, thankfully, fighting fit after a gnarly crash at Milestone.

Sean Ogden

That was an action-packed day at Milestone actually, as Justin Bogle came up short in a rhythm section and hit the ground hard. The RCH Yoshimura Suzuki was slow to get up but, thankfully, did not sustain any injuries and will race at Angel Stadium today. Mike Alessi and Jimmy Albertson are set to return to that premier 450SX class also. There is not as much positive news to report regarding the 250SX class though, as Mitchell Oldenburg and Bradley Taft are out for the foreseeable. You can read more about that on this link.

You may as well click the various links on this site, as there is a bit of time to kill before practice begins. A wet weather schedule has been implemented; track walk has been pushed back by three hours and the first 250SX C session will not begin until two in the afternoon. Once that does start, however, you’ll be able to watch the action here.

Words: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: Sean Ogden

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