PMXC Report: Bere Regis

Another jam-packed paddock of riders attended the sixth round of Portsmouth MX Club’s summer series recently. At the stunning Rogershill Raceway near Bere Regis, brilliant sunshine first thing gave way to menacing clouds. The cloud cover and sprinkling of rain kept the dust to a minimum, providing the spectators with some brilliant racing!

First out was the SW85 class – another bumper crop of riders sped up the start straight. Shay Arnold took total control in the opening motos, powering ahead with pure precision to snatch the first two wins. Despite having to work hard to battle his way back through the pack in race three, a commendable second place secured the overall.

Jake Smith, definitely a force to be reckoned with, kept the leader in his sights! Taking his chance in race three to secure the race win, whilst simultaneously claiming second overall. Charlie Nightingale went hammer and tongs with Rider of the Meeting James O’Mara, but Nightingale stayed consistent and went 4-4-4 to take home third overall.

The Juniors were next. It was Ben Sullivan continuing his streak of outstanding results, claiming an overall victory with ease. In a class of his own and even without a back brake, Sullivan romped home with plenty of space between him and second to finish first in all three motos. Riley Saunders did everything in his power to catch the leader; a superb effort saw him finish consistently second to pilfer second overall, ahead of McKenzie Saunders.

The former Rider of the Meeting awardee definitely showed his form as despite trailing-in in ninth place in the opener due to bike issues, he fought his way back to the front of the pack in the remaining motos to grab third place away from Charlie Hucklebridge.

Autos next, and a big shout out to Elizabeth Ridout, for showing the boys who was boss in moto one, grabbing the TP Fox Holeshot award, before heading the pack for a couple of laps! But soon after, Jacob Collins took over his usual spot on the track, leading each moto right to the finish flag, another overall victory tucked under his helmet.

Jake Webb put in an outstanding performance, narrowing missing out on the holeshot, but was hot on the leader’s heels, not giving him an inch of breathing space, confidently going 2-3-2 to secure second.  Kian Duell was on fire as usual, and despite a disappointing closing moto where he had to fight hard to work his way back into sixth place, going 3-2-6 rewarded him with third overall.

The super-speedy Rookies faced the gate drop next. Lewis King London and Charlie Razzell went head-to-head in all three motos. London had the slight advantage over Razzell to keep himself in front, bagging all three moto wins, as Charlie accumulated 2-2-2, for second overall.

Thomas Shutler didn’t let the leading duo get far away from him, hoping for a slip up from either rider to secure a higher place, but impressive allowed him to leave with a humble third overall.

Premier finesse was on constant flow as the Veterans of the sport took to the start line. It could have been anyone’s victory, as a number of riders fought for supremacy. But once again, it was Darren King who took charge of the group, securing all three race wins, even after mistaking the last lap flag for the chequered flag! But with the huge lead he had amassed, he luckily managed to get back on track and take the win anyway!

Tony Hale was a man on a mission, storming out the gate to take the lead. He worked hard to keep a rampaging Mark Morris off his rear wheel, going 2-2-2 to finish up in second place. Morris not only had to challenge for Hale’s placing, but also ensure his rivals behind didn’t get past, just managing to keep Martin Bradbury at bay, he scored consistently in third for third overall.

As always, MX2 left not even a single gate to spare, the action came thick and fast from the off. Races within races took place. Brad Wheeler and Mitch Young fighting it out for the winner’s spot, both riders taking a win and a second in the opening motos. But, it was Wheeler who just managed to secure the last race win to take the overall! Young, putting in an equally impressive performance, finished in second.

Olivier Cook and Luke Kennett battled it out for third place, both riders taking a third and fourth each, but Kennett pushed the 125 to its limit in race three to take home third overall.

The MX1 riders were disappointingly a bit thin on the ground, but the racing was still great to watch. Liam Garland was untouchable, not putting a wheel wrong. Pure class and showmanship added to his outstanding speed secured him all three race wins, taking home a comfortable overall victory. A great battled ensued between a handful of riders, unfortunately Josh Brine missing from the equation in race three, but Jake Penny was happy to move up a spot. A flawless set of races rewarding him with two thirds and a second to finish in second overall. Mark Atkinson gave Penny a run for his money, breathing down his neck in all three motos, going 4-4-3 to secure third overall.

Last out were the Big Wheels. It looked initially like a total domination of the class by Tobias Sammut, miles ahead of the rest, but an unfortunate spill in race two left him trapped under his bike, forced to fight his way back to seventh place. His speed and two race wins allowed him to salvage the runner up spot. Thomas Casbeard took over the reins to win moto two, battling hard all day to grab himself another win, going 2-1-3 he managed to secure the overall.

Jack Milsted was at the top of his game, a brilliant battle all day with Casbeard and Domonic Newbury, but he held his own, two impressive third places plus a fourth rewarded his hard work with third overall!

Words: Kay Kennedy | Images:

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