Parker takes home the lolly!

Nez Parker stormed to victory at the 2011 Skegness Beach Race, taking home the £1000 prize in the process.

The race got underway at 12 noon and Parker and Jordan Rose hit the front early, but halfway round the first lap they had a coming together and both hit the deck, handing the lead to young sand specialist Nathan Watson.

Another crash later on the first lap saw Parker drop back to 6th but he soon settled into a comfortable rhythm and moved back through to third place by the end of the second lap and by lap 11 was up to second behind the flying Watson, however Watson ran out of fuel and had to push his bike back to the pits for a quick fill up. Luckily for him he had only just past the entrance to the pits so didn’t lose too much time. Parker was now in the lead and as everyone around him suffered from either running out of fuel or crashes, Parker just kept on going for lap after lap, building up a substantial lead.

After stopping to re-fuel on lap 21 he was still in the lead and was beginning to show his strength and fitness, setting the fastest lap of the race two laps later, one and a half hours into the race. He continued to increase his lead and was a clear two laps in front of second place by the time they went through the two hour mark. He was brought in for a precautionary top up of fuel as the race entered the last 30 minutes and after rejoining the race he was able to cruise home for a well deserved win, ahead of Watson, Moffat and Bradshaw.

A happy Parker commented ” the conditions were really tough and i can’t say i enjoyed the experience, but i definitely enjoyed the win. I was knackered by the end. I think I’ll have to practice a bit more next time”

Words by Boost KTM

Pictures By Jemma MX (Check out Jemmas links below)

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