Olly Townsend signs for S.M. Ellis KTM

Olly Townsend signs for S.M. Ellis KTM.

After a recent split with Heads Suzuki, MXY2 rider Olly Townswend is preparing to ride the remainder of 2013 & into 2014 as a privateer rider.

As soon as we heard this we started talk’s with Olly regarding a one ride deal for the Red Bull Pro Nationals at Culham Park with the opportunity of a ride in 2014. Also riding at this round will be team MX1 rider Tom Johnsson who will be making his debut in the UK as well as for the team.

What Olly Townsend has to say about it:
It’s been a tough season so far, but I feel like making the change to the KTM was the right decision for me and I hope to improve on my results in the future. Coming off a team managed by Neil Prince was a tough decision but I feel it was the right one for me as I didn’t gel with the RMZ although it was a brilliant bike. I look forward to the remaining rounds of the Red Bull Pro Nationals, Culham will see me under the awning of S.M Ellis KTM, which will be good fun to work with them guys and ride alongside Tom Johnsson from Sweden.

What team manager Sean Ellis has to say about it:
Olly’s been extremely unlucky this season with a host of mechanical DNF’s and it just hasn’t been his year with Suzuki, but with the serious pace he has mixed with the commitment he puts his move to KTM should be a great one for both him & the team, we’re extremely happy to have such a great up and coming talent on board.

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