News and Notes: Hilton Park

By now you know what went on at the front of the pack at Hilton Park, but what happened a little further back?

  • Congrats to Ashley Wilde, who had a career best seventh overall at Hilton Park following a pair of sevenths in the two motos. Wilde has been extremely impressive thus far this year, and you can expect him to top this result in the coming weeks. It is also worth noting that he had a hard crash in qualifying, so he was a little battered and bruised. Josh Spinks had one of the better rides of his career too, as he finished twelfth overall following a sixteenth and a tenth. In comparison, he finished thirteenth at Foxhill last year following similar results.
  • Graeme Irwin had a less than stellar opening round, but he left healthy and with some points in the bag. Crashes and bad starts restricted him to eleventh and ninth in the two motos, but expect him to be back inside of the top five at Lyng. His teammate, Harri Kullas, didn’t have a much better day. Bad starts hindered him, as he moved from twenty-ninth to tenth in moto one, and then fifteenth to tenth in moto two. This, surprisingly, gave him seventh overall.
  • In his MX1 debut Lewis Tombs showed some speed, as he finished tenth overall following a twelfth and a ninth. In both races he started around where he finished, but he could be a spoiler in the coming weeks.
  • Matt Moffat (14-15) narrowly won the battle of the two strokes in MX1 at Hilton Park, as he finished thirteenth overall in his return to racing, narrowly edging out Lewis Gregory (10-27) in fourteenth. It is hard to miss these two!
  • Despite the fact that he cracked his collarbone whilst training in the USA, Jordan Booker had one of the strongest rides of his career on Sunday; he went 6-6 for fifth overall. After trawling through the results from recent years, it became clear that this is his best result in quite some time.
  • What happened to Steven Clarke in moto two? After moving up to eleventh, he fell and had to work his way forward from the back of the field; he eventually salvaged a fifteenth. When coupled with his third from moto one, it left him sixth overall.
  • The MBO Power Yamaha MX2 duo had a turbulent weekend at round one. Trickett expected to be closer to the pace of the leaders, but never really got near the front. He crashed down the start straight in moto one, and then had a big crash a few laps later. Whilst he was getting up slowly, his mechanic moved his bike out of the racing line and, consequently, he was disqualified for outside assistance. Moto two was much better, as he salvaged a ninth after a small fall.
  • Carlton Husband, his teammate, showed some speed and may actually be the most improved rider. In moto one he finished a strong seventh, right amongst the established contenders. However, he failed to score points in moto two as his clutch started slipping.
  • Adam Sterry was docked ten spots in the first MX2 moto for going too fast when a yellow flag was out, as we all know, but he wasn’t the only one. Erki Kahro, Ben Putnam and Todd Kellett were also handed the same penalty. That issue actually cost Erki a good overall result, as he finished a strong fifth in race two.
  • How did the MX2 rookies fare at Hilton Park? Liam Knight (5-4) was undoubtedly the strongest, ending fourth overall. Jason Meara (23-14) was twenty-first overall, with Josh Gilbert (21-17) twenty-third, Todd Kellett (33-21) twenty-fifth, Kieran Banks (24-22) twenty-sixth and Tom Neal (22-DNF) twenty-seventh. Speaking of Neal, he got cleaned out in the final moto and hurt his collarbone.
  • What happened to Alex Snow? He crashed hard on the first lap of the opening MX1 moto after hitting a kicker, and was unconscious for more than thirty seconds. He obviously didn’t race the rest of the day and was taken to hospital for further examination, but was released with a bad head and bruised neck, back and knee.
  • Unfortunately Luke Norris was another rider that sustained a serious injury, as he broke his tib and fib. The following update was released earlier this week, updating everyone on his injury: “Had a four and a half hour operation yesterday afternoon to repair the damage caused by the compound fracture of his tib. Unfortunately the damage was considerably worse than expected hence the time taken to carry out the procedure, as a result of this a metal nail was inserted to stabilise the injury. This will be left in the leg for a minimum of twelve months – Luke will remain in hospital until he is well enough to travel home.” Get well soon, Luke!

Image: Mark Turner

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