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Well..we have always been digital at MX Vice. Everything we have done so far has been online. We have invested heavily in the Dirt Bike Show over the past 2 years, been to every British Championship, Masters and Redbull Round and have sponsored the GT Cup this year. Its been great and an average of 24,000 unique visitors a month (30,000 the last month) shows us we are making progress, but we know there are many more MXer’s out there who still don’t know of MX Vice. So thats the challenge we need to reach all those people and this is how we are going to do it.

British Motocross retailers need a helping hand to drive customers back to the local shops that we heavily rely on for our bike parts, cups of tea…practice tracks to stay open up with good turn outs and club racing with 40 on the line..we intend to help make this happen by doing the following.

MX Vice Printed Mag

Already mags are out there I hear you say? Of course and some good ones at that, I still by DBR every month. But the key to everything is doing it a little bit different to everyone else and that is what takes MX Vice forward, never one to follow the rest we are going to do the following:

  • Free Magazine (we’re in a recession)
  • Distributed by the industry
  • Available from your local dealer, club or practice track
  • Did i mention its free?
  • 40 Pages and available bi monthly to start… 😉
  • Making ZERO profit and any money that is made put back into supporting events and riders. FACT.
We’re hoping that the Magazine is a hit, the industry and MX public embrace it and it helps the industry life cycle to get more people into MX..our ultimate goal. If it works we will quickly move to 80 pages and move from 4,000 copies to 8,000 and then to a monthly edition.
So its out there, thats the idea, the concept and between you and me we have already started compiling the first issue with some amazing content that is #SICK.
What we need from you? Well tell your dealer to stock it, ask your club to give it out, and ask your practice track to get in contact with MX Vice.

The Industry want to be part of it? Wnat to support the UK retailers that purchase from you? Lets do it fairly.. A price that is affordable for your budget and a magazine not dependent on someone buying it. Support us and we will support you. Talon are the first company to dig deep and offer free distribution and a double page spread, will you join them?

How much will all this cost, I hear you say??

Simple £250 + VAT for a full page, £400 + VAT for a double and £50 for a credit card size Ad (8 on one page). We’re not after profit we’re just covering the printing costs and Burfield have kindly sponsored the design and production. Thats it a Magazine for the People by the People. We are only having a certain amount of adverts to cover the cost and keep the Magazine credible. Design rates are available and adverts that are not of the standard required will not be included.

Dates well.. thats going to a little surprise and sooner than you think, we’re an agile company so if we wanted to release it next week, we could. 😉

Enquiries for advertising, distribution please contact [email protected] in the first instance. First come first serve basis for adverts, yearly plans available with discount.

We are determined to see every MX Rider in the UK with one of our Mags in his hands or a digital version on their IPad every Sunday and why not, its not going to cost them £4 to read awesome content, it will cost nothing.

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