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After another year of growth, MX Vice are looking for partners to join us in 2014. Next year we are looking to increase our staff numbers, which will allow us to cover more events, and push British Motocross forward. We are looking for progressive businesses that we can work with, to help grow their business, brands or products online. MX Vice offers something a little different to standard banner advertising – we go one step further.

You have probably been quoted ludicrous stats by other magazines, been caught out with £300 sticker bills, and even got the chance to reclaim your advertising by selling ten copies of their magazine. You spent crazy money and have been left wanting more, right? They have no interest in your products, no increase in conversions on your website and your stats are saying engagement is still the same. Unfortunately, these archaic practices no longer work, it’s all about engagement. We get it, because it’s what we do, we do this day in day out for companies throughout the UK – we’re a digital agency that loves motocross. Hopefully, the proof is that you’re currently reading this article.

MX Vice has peaked at 40,000 unique visitors a month, but we average 35,000. In comparison, we were only engaging 11,000 motocross fans last year. So, growth is what we do, evidently. 2014 will see the MX Vice crew cover the sport in the UK from grassroots through to the professional level, with a huge focus on both Youth and Amateur. We will also be covering the events around the world that you guys really want to know about.

December 16th will see the UK’s first free magazine released, which can be picked up in your local dealer, as both Talon and RaceFX are providing distribution throughout the UK. Without those guys, the magazine would not be possible, as that is one hell of a paper round!

We can help you with the following, which will probably work out as the same price that you are paying for a full or double page advert in a magazine:

  • MX Vice website section advertising and sponsorship of our unique articles
  • Social Media engagement, increase in traffic through your pages, more likes, more data.
  • Free SEO report on your current site with a list of fixes to increase your position in Google
  • Google Adword tips and tricks to save money
  • Advert for the Magazine and Website designed for free
  • Website advice for your shopping store
  • Magazine advertising (£250 + VAT) 5000 copies, free to pick up at dealers
  • Product features, reviews
  • Shop featured on Website and Magazine
  • Photoshoots
  • Logo on videos
  • Video production, Editing
  • Social Media Management – let us look after your social for you so that you can get back to what you were doing.

Basically, if you have a website, we can help you sell more. If you have a Facebook or Twitter page, we can help increase your engagement and exposure – we can genuinely help your business and brand because of our insight into web and social; plus, our love of motocross. We have just completed our first three year plan, and we already know where we are going to be in another three years. If we told you, you would never believe us!

Sometimes sticking with what you know is not the best course of action to take; it’s hard out there. Now is the time to mix it up, take a chance, and try something new for 2014.

Embrace change. It’s coming, whether you like it or not.

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