Motocross des Nations: Metcalfe & Waters Interview

If you’re a regular reader of my articles, you will know that I am a believer in team Australia – I strongly believe they are going to be podium contenders this weekend. Fortunately, both Brett Metcalfe (MX1) and Todd Waters (Open) gave us some of their time to talk about the fast approaching race, as well as there personal racing.

MX Vice: Okay, so we are just one day away from the Motocross des Nations. What are your guys thoughts ahead of the race?

Waters: It’s going to be good. It’s the second time here for me, and it’s a different surface to last year. We’ve got a pretty technical track, and it’s going to get really rutty. It should be good.

MX Vice: Todd, how prepared are you going into this race? I know you had some injury problems earlier this year, are you 100%?

Waters: Yeah, we’re getting back. But, all I can do is give my best – that’s what we’re here to do, give everything we can, and have some fun, and come out with a good result. 

MX Vice: Do you feel some pressure heading into this race, seeing as you’re coming into Europe full-time next year? I know a few people are interested to see where you fit in amongst the regulars…

Waters: Yeah, not really. I don’t let that stuff get to me, I can’t control how everyone else rides. I just go out there and do everything that I can, and if I walk away knowing that I gave everything that I can, then I’m happy. Wherever I fit in there, is where it’s going to be.

MX Vice: A lot of young Australians strive to compete in the AMA series, why did you choose to come over to Europe and contest MXGP?

Waters: Well, every successful Australian has come racing at least one year here, and then going to America. I like the way that it is over here. You get to drive around in a camper van, and it’s all about the racing. So, I’m going to base myself here for a couple of years hopefully, and try to become Australia’s first world champion.

MX Vice: What sort of results do you expect from this weekend, both individually and as a team?

Waters: Individually, I can’t set a goal, because I don’t race these guys. So, I’m just going to do the best that I can. You know, it’s a hard sport to have a team – it’s individual. So, we’re just going to stay upright, put in some solid rides – top three, top five, and see what happens. 

MX Vice: Brett, what about you? What are your expectations?

Metcalfe: Honestly, I agree with what Todd said. Motocross is not a team sport, so when you’re trying to compete as a team, it’s difficult. You know, it’s a difficult event, and things happen. You really just have to worry about yourself and stay upright. Let’s hope that it works out on the day – anything can happen. You have to have a little bit of luck on your side, everyone has to stay in position and finish the race. Really, the expectation of where to race is unpredictable, you can’t really judge it. You have to go out there and do your best. On an individual level, we all want to compete well. Obviously, you’re on a world stage. It’s a big audience watching, so you want to compete well. So, that’s it – there is no other event where you have the world champion from GPs, and the American champion racing together. Here it is – you’re on the best stage in the world.

MX Vice: Moving onto your own personal racing a little bit, do you know what you’re doing next year?

Metcalfe: Honestly, nothing is set in cement yet. So, we’re still working on some stuff. Honestly, I don’t know what’s going to happen. We’ll see where I end up. Maybe GP’s, maybe the USA – maybe here, maybe there – I really don’t know. Right now, a lot of stuff has been going on, and we’ve been trying a lot of different angles. I’m just focussed on the Motocross des Nations at the moment, and doing the best job I can do for Australia here. We’ll see what comes up after that – hopefully something will start up next week!

Interview by Lewis Phillips

Image courtesy of Elliot Spencer

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