Luke Norris – OctX MNE Kawasaki – British Masters – Round 1

Preston Docks – 10 March 2013

After endless amounts of testing and training throughout the winter, I came into the 2013 season
feeling a lot more prepared than I have in past years. I felt confident with the bike and confident that
my fitness was where it needed to be. The first round of the British Masters took place at Preston
Docks, a track I’ve ridden before and quite enjoyed. The weather wasn’t too kind to us but I was
eager to race whatever the weather.
Practice and qualifying went really well, I posted the 4th fastest time and was within reaching
distance of the top 3. This gave me a great choice of start gate going into the first race. As the gate
dropped for the first race of my season, I got off to a great start and came round the first corner
inside the top 5. I pushed hard on the first 2 laps and managed to gap myself from the riders behind.
Lying in 4th place, I could see 3rd in my sights and began reeling him in. I closed right in and knew I
could get past. Unfortunately I made a small mistake round a corner which lost me a bit of time. I
managed to keep it on 2 wheels but lost all the time I’d just gained. With about 3 laps to go I got my
head down and began closing the gap once again. I got close and knew I could force him into a
mistake. With back markers coming into sight I had to play it smart, but it didn’t quite go the way I
wanted and got caught up behind a slower rider. Once again this lost me all the time I had just made
up and lost me a chance to get into the top 3. I was happy with 4th and it was a great way to start the
With the first race jitters out the way, I came into the second race a lot more relaxed and knew what
I could achieve. I got off to another great start and came round the first corner in 3rd. I kept with the
2 riders in front of me for about 2 laps before dropping back a little bit. I had a gap back to 4th but
tried my best to ride a mistake free race. The rider behind crashed and I had a good 20+ second gap
back to 4th. I focused on trying to catch the 2 riders in front of me but once again ran out of time. I
was really happy with getting inside the top 3 and missed out on 3rd overall by 1 point!!
With my confidence high and feeling happy with the set up, I’m really looking forward to the first
British championship round this coming weekend. A huge thanks to everyone who supported me
this weekend and hopefully can carry the momentum forward.

Luke Norris #73

MX Vice Editor || 25

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