Luke Norris – Lyng Race Report

Luke Norris Racing

Maxxis British Championship – Round 3

Lyng, Norfolk

6th May 2012

After a long 4 week break after our last race, it gave me time to recover and shake off the injury I had to my back. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case as I’m still having problems with it, but I’m not letting it stop me train and ride. I felt pretty confident coming into the 3rd round and enjoy racing at Lyng.

Practice and qualifying went pretty well, managing 18th place which gave me a reasonable place on the start. Only being a second or 2 away from being inside the top 15, I knew I had a good chance of doing well.

Race 1

I got off to a fairly good start but found myself getting tangled up in the first corner with a few other riders. It took me a good minute to get the bike started, by that time I had a lot of catching up to do. I got my head down and knew I had a tough race ahead of me. Within the first few laps I’d picked off a few riders and kept charging. About 10 minutes in I got inside the top 30 and could see a few more riders in my sight. I managed to pick a few more off and get into 25th, but ran out of time. These races definitely need to be longer!

Race 2

After a bad start in the first race, I focused on getting a good start on the second race. Unfortunately that didn’t happen and I got an appalling start. I managed to make a few passes within the first lap but was still just outside the top 25. I made a few more passes in the next few laps but I was running out of time to get inside the top 20 for points. With about 4 laps to go I made a late race charge, knowing people would be tired and starting to slow down. I picked off a few more riders and got myself into 20th. I caught up to a few more in front of me but once again I ran out of time. I was fairly happy but knew I had to do more on the first few laps to make up more positions.

Race 3

I made a better start in race 3 but got pushed wide on the first turn a lost a bunch of positions. I made up a few positions within the first few laps and kept charging forward. By the half way mark I was just outside the top 20, but knew if kept my pace riders ahead of me would get tired and I could capitalise on this. I made my way into 20th and caught up to the next 2 in front of me. I started to make a few little mistakes and had to settle for 20th. Not what I was hoping for but we’ve learnt a lot this weekend and know what to work on during the week to make things better. I’m looking forward to the British Masters this weekend at Whitby and hoping for a better weekend. Let’s just hope the great British weather is good to us. The joys of living in England!

Luke Norris

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