Livia Lancelot Ready For A New Season

First woman to clinch a Motocross World Title, Livia Lancelot will enter this weekend the MX2 Grand Prix in in Qatar. We asked her a few questions about this new challenge.

Since a few years now Livia Lancelot has now her own racing program, and only race selected events. Twice on the podium at the X Games, winner last year of several GP’s, she also dominates the French series and enter this season some famous Beach Races such as Le Touquet. She will in Qatar the third woman in the history of motocross – after Stefy Bau and Mariana Balbi – to race a Grand Prix among the men.

Livia, how do you feel before this new season?
For me the season already started one month ago, as I raced Beach events in Hossegor and Le Touquet. I had to start my training program earlier than usual, and I trained mainly in the sand to prepare both races on a 450 Kawasaki. I did my first Motocross ten days ago in Valence, and now I’m flying to Qatar and Thailand for the first MX2 GP’s of the season.

Was it a surprise for you to get this phone call for Qatar?
Yes of course, even if I still don’t know why Youthstream invites me to race these events! But as soon as they asked me if I was interested to go there, I was enthusiast and exited; it’s nice to see that the promoter of the World series didn’t forgot me, even if I stopped racing the Women World Championship when they put the series with the MX3.

What can you expect in Qatar and Thailand?
I got this invitation just before le Touquet, when I was focused on the Beach races. I didn’t trained yet so much with my 250 Rockstar Bud Racing Kawasaki on motocross tracks, but even if I had more time to prepare these GP’s I don’t think that it will change something for me. I will do my best, and the goal will be of course to qualify; with the new rule I must achieve in the Pre Qualifying practice a time equal to at least 108% of the average time of the top ten riders. I know that it will be tough, but I want to take this opportunity to race against the best MX2 riders.

You finish the famous Le Touquet Beach Race in the top fifty, how was this experience with a 450?
When I was younger I went one time to watch this race, and last year I decided to put this event in my racing program. I like riding in the sand, but this race is specific and for me it was the right moment to do it; I wanted to race on a 450, and I trained a lot this winter to prepare this race. The bike is heavier than the 250, more powerful, but finally I had so much fun with it! You have to change your riding style, but I enjoyed this experience. I did the Hossegor Beach race to prepare le Touquet, and it helped me a lot as I never raced among so many riders; I had fun in le Touquet, and was pleased to finish in the top fifty. I will be there again next year.

What will be your program after Qatar and Thailand?
Every year I’m looking for new challenges, as I don’t race the World Championship. But my sponsors have more interest for le Touquet or the X Games, and I like to do so many different events. In December I was racing Supercross in Genova, in January I was on the beach in Hossegor with a 450, and next weekend I will be on my 250 for an MX2 GP. Then I will do of course the French series, some GP’s – Italy and England, two races were I could go with Bud as we raced with the MX1 and MX2 – the X Games and maybe some Endurocross. It’s always nice to discover new events and new rivals!

Is it possible for a woman to be professional in this sport?
It’s not easy but at the moment I can do it, thanks to Kawasaki, Bud Racing, Fox, Rockstar and all our partners. I’m lucky as motocross is my passion, and I was lucky to be there at the right moment.

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