Last Lap Drama Steals the Show

With the weather outside turning nasty the Maxxis Kawasaki by LPE team turned their attention to the final round of the British Arenacross Championship at the Echo Arena in Liverpool. The circuit inside the arena was one of the toughest of the Championship and very technical and with the soft soil it quickly produced some tricky conditions.

The evening started with the first Pro heat of the night and it was Jack first out on track. Jack made a strong start up front but half way round the opening lap he made a mistake and crashed, and had to restart in last place. Jack worked hard for the whole race before finishing 4th. The second heat of the night saw Gordon Crockard make an ok start but lost a few positions on the opening lap. Gordon then settled down and had a steady race to finish in 7th place.

In the second heat of the night, both riders were in the same heat and again Jack made a good start but crashed heavy at the end of the first rhythm section. Gordon managed to miss the carnage and finish the race in a solid 6th place. For Jack the race got worse and worse as after remounting his bike another rider rode into him taking the handle bars clean out of his hands causing Jack to crash again putting him even further back and would see him finish in 8th place.

After the two heats, Jack had managed to transfer to the final in 9th place but miss the Head To Head races as only the top eight go through to the Head to Head. For Gordon he would have to go to the LCQ race. After the disaster of Birmingham where he crashed on the last lap, this time the luck of the Irish was on his side as only the top 2 in the LCQ go through to the final and Gordon was in 3rd fighting for second when the French rider in second place crashed in front of him on the last lap gifting Gordon second place and a place in the final!

The final main event of the season saw Jack going into the race knowing that he had to win to be in with a shot of winning the Championship. When the gate dropped Jack was in the ideal position as he rounded the first lap in second, while title rival Adam Chatfield was deep in the pack. As the race went on Jack moved into the lead and started to pull away from the field. For Gordon it was to be a long race at the back of the field to finish 12th. Jack looked set for the race win until a small mistake 2 corners from the chequered flag saw him go off the track and onto the concrete floor with Jack franticly trying to get back on track he gave it a big handful of gas the back wheel spun on the concrete and the propelled Jack and his Kawasaki in the opposite direction and he ended up under the Freestyle landing ramp, after getting back on the bike and back on track Jack was able to finish in 6th place, but all title hopes had gone

The unfortunate crash on the last lap meant that Jack lost the Championship and would eventual finish in 3rd place in the Championship.

Gordon Crockard

I’m very pleased to be in the Main Event this week after the disappointment of last weekend. Today started with me finding the track very hard to settle into and I managed to overcome that as the day went on and I’m pleased with that. In the main event I knew that the start would be key and I missed the jump and I finished 12th.

Jack Brunell

The track has been very difficult today and the heat races tonight didn’t go to plan as I finish 4th and then 8th. I then had 9th gate pick for the final and started in 2nd behind Nev and stayed there for 4 laps. Once I made the move for the lead I gapped the field and felt good. On the last lap I really don’t know what happened but I went off the track and onto the concrete and the bike spun round, leaving me trapped under the Freestyle ramp. I ended up 6th in the final so I’m unhappy about that as I missed the Championship and finished 3rd But I want to thank Steve James and the whole of the Maxxis Kawasaki by LPE team for all the hard work and hopefully we can come back next year and get the job done and win the title.

Steve James

It’s been a really difficult Day / night, after winning everything last week at Birmingham we came here confident of a good result and a slim chance of taking the title but everything seemed to work against us today. In both sets of practise the first group of riders went out on a smooth graded track and was able to put a good lap time down early in the session, but the soil was very soft so the track rutted up and changed very quickly. When the second group went out which Jack was in, the track was slower and every rider in the second group was over a second slower because of this so when the overall times was put together we didn’t have the best gate pick. Not that it makes a lot of difference on the start for us as our KXF 450 is fast out the gate but for the riders head and confidence it is massive but both Jack and Gordon took it in their stride and went into the heats to do the best they could. Jack got out of the gate good and was at the front when he went down but undeterred he got back on and came through pack to finish fourth, Gordon was in the next heat and had a steady ride to finish 7th. Jacks next heat went horribly wrong, he again got out the start well and was at the front but went down on the second corner remounted only to get knocked off a few corners later so he had a lot of work to do eventually finishing eighth! But fortunately from the two heat results combined it put Jack in 9th place so he didn’t have to go to the LCQ and transferred straight to the final, unfortunately Gordon wasn’t so lucky in his next heat and had to go to LCQ but he finished second in that after a dramatic race but that also put Gordy in the final. Then everyone’s attention turned to the main event and what a race it turned out to be it was pure carnage from start to finish but awesome to watch it was so close. Within four laps Jack got to the front and took the lead once at the front he pulled a nice gap and at this point Adam had suffered a bad start and was down field coming through so it was all to play for and I felt we had one hand on the title but it just wasn’t to be Adam passed a couple of riders plus a couple went out so he was coming through but it still wasn’t a done deal and then with 2 corners to go Jack made a mistake crashed and got stuck under the Freestyle ramp. I couldn’t believe it! Nev won the race Adam finished 4th and took the title and Jack got back on to finish 6th in the race and 3rd in the Championship. Well done to Adam and Neville as they both rode great the whole series as did Jack. It was good to finish in 3rd in the Championship and we will be back next year to hopefully win the Championship. I would just like to take this opportunity to thank Jack and Gordon for riding for me, my team mechanics, helpers and all my loyal sponsors for supporting me. The all new Arenacross Championship has been fantastic, the racing has been awesome with top quality riders banging bars each week, the format and the whole show was top notch so hats off to Matt and all his Events 22 staff as they did a top job, Thank you we will be back next year

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