Jett Lawrence the star of the show in San Diego

Jett Lawrence underlined his superiority by claiming another commanding victory in the 250 class. The gifted Aussie shared his thoughts from San Diego in the post-race press conference.

Words: Edward Stratmann/Press Conference | Lead Image: Team Honda HRC

Question: Jett, your starts were really, really good. Is it a change (behind it) or is it just everything coming together on the bike? They’re becoming automatic so just kind of take me through where you are at with the starts because they’ve been great?

Jett Lawrence: Starts have been pretty good, it could be this lady luck (laughs). They’ve been going good. I was surprised myself because I didn’t practice any starts in between the two weeks, just because every track we went to was muddy and rainy and that stuff. It was a bit hard to try and do starts all this past two weeks. I think that it has been clicking, the bike’s feeling awesome and tracking and driving and that stuff so hopefully we can keep it going.

Question: The end result is the same obviously from the opening round with the main event win, but today appeared to go smoother in general. How would you compare the two rounds so far?

Jett Lawrence: I think the biggest thing with Anaheim was the track was very unpredictable, like you didn’t know what was going to happen no matter what line you could have taken, it shot you different every time. Whereas this track was definitely a lot easier in my eyes and everything was fairly easy to get. At the start, it was obviously a lot trickier because of the deep ruts but, once you got close to the main, those turns got a little bit better.

I think this weekend, I just was able to go a little bit more my speed that’s comfortable, with that faster speed. Anaheim was kind of more like just trail riding, almost just trying to make it through the rhythms and everything. And I think a lot of it was just kind of making it through Anaheim with those sketchy curves in the up ramps and into some of the berms. I mean I feel like that one, we played it very smart, and then this weekend I’m actually glad we were able to do our normal speed, which was a big difference. I had a blast kind of going back at normal speed and doing some of those rhythms.

Question: You’ve been in this class for a while, you’ve been on this bike for a while, it’s made some improvements and some advancements and some part changes. But now that you’re a couple years into this and things are just kind of going the way that they’re going, how is it for you to not just think like alright it’s going to go this way and not kind of let your guard down a bit?

Jett Lawrence: Man, you made me feel real old with that one (laughs). I mean that’s the biggest thing with racing, each year is never the same, it’s always different and now I feel like I’m at one with the bike.

I mean last year we got the bike pretty good and kind of like looped all the way back around to that same setting and had a few little part changes and that stuff, but nothing too major.

I think kind of the biggest thing is being calmer and that stuff has helped me. This, and obviously the biggest thing is putting myself in a good position to have a good chance at a podium or winning. It’s kind of using all the stuff I’ve learned and kind of just making sure I stay calm because young Jett would just be trying to send it and try to set the world’s fastest lap time for no reason. Now it’s kind of just playing the smarter route for the night and kind of gauging off some of the other boys’ body language and how they’re trying to attack and stuff like that.

Question: When you get the lead like you have the last two weeks, are we seeing like you’re going to try to get as big a gap as possible or are you trying to manage it like as long as you keep them there?

Jett Lawrence: It all kind of depends, as I don’t really get to see who’s in second at the time, but I ended up hearing it was Phil, so go him. But yeah as a few laps went past I could see McAdoo was there. It kind of depends obviously for the main guys and on this coast, it’s obviously RJ and Cameron so it’s always kind of like I’m looking for them because those are the guys that can do the similar pace and that stuff to see where they are on the track.

I could see RJ was a little bit back on the start, but Cameron was right there from the start I think just behind Phil. It’s just kind of going off of what I see and what I see in those glimpses of how they are body attacking. I’m pretty sure it stayed fairly the same the gap I think when Cameron made those mistakes in those rhythms that’s when I maybe pulled a bit, but it kind of depends on where I’m at on the track to really kind of put through how I’m going to do my race.

Question: Jett I’ll start with you, Snapdragon is a new stadium, with a lot of history on this land with Qualcomm, but this is all new and it’s a sellout crowd tonight and the fans were into it. What’s it feel like for you guys? All three of you came into a new place like this where there’s a lot of energy and it’s fun for the fans, fun for all of us to figure out a new floor plan and new track. What’s it like coming into a place like this with this kind of energy and a sold out crowd somewhere new?

Jett Lawrence: It was pretty cool on the way here when we’re driving “O Show” was in the car and he was talking about how he raced here and Ricky also. I was also talking with RV and he was saying he never got to race at Petco or anything. He raced here and said he retired in 2014 and I think the year after he said it changed to Petco so it’s kind of cool the history that has been played out here. I had no idea (laughs). I guess that’s kind of the funny thing, I’m all learning this morning with “O Show” with a history lesson so it’s cool.

Then the crowd was pretty sick today, they were awesome and that kind of new stadium feeling, I felt like it was something new, but also pretty sick.

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